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What is touch screen pos systems?

Retail software is designed to track sales, inventory, customer information and more. The more advanced systems also support purchasing, manage employees and commissions and control pricing for multiple stores from a central location. There are many different types of POS systems, and of course touch screen is one of the primary deployment models. ... read more
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Hexnode UEM

Hexnode MDM is a hybrid mobile device management (MDM) solution that provides businesses, tools and functionalities to monitor and manage mobile devices across various industry verticals. The solution can either be deployed on-pre...Read more about Hexnode UEM

4.69 (98 reviews)

Lightspeed Retail

Lightspeed Retail is a cloud-based POS solution that is suitable for retailers in industries such as apparel, footwear, bike, jewelry, pet, sporting goods and home decor. The solution offers retailers tools including inventory man...Read more about Lightspeed Retail

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Toast POS

Toast POS is a flexible system built exclusively for restaurants and the food service industry. Offering tools like online ordering, delivery, takeout, mobile app ordering, contactless payments, and e-gift card purchasing, this so...Read more about Toast POS

4.05 (321 reviews)

33 recommendations

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Lightspeed POS

Crafted specifically for the hospitality industry and perfect for cafes, restaurants, bars, and any other hospitality business imaginable. Lightspeed Kounta POS is the point of sale that is easy to use, simple to manage and powerf...Read more about Lightspeed POS

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Retail Express

Retail Express is a powerful cloud-based retail POS software solution. Built with advanced, enterprise-level integrations and features at a competitive price, it’s ideal for single-store, multi-store (1 – 100+) and enterprise ret...Read more about Retail Express

4.07 (15 reviews)


GoFrugal POS is a hybrid point of sale (POS) solution that helps retailers across various industries, to manage their distribution and billing routines and automate financial transactions. The solution can be deployed either on-pr...Read more about GoFrugal

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Epos Now

Epos Now is a business management system for small to mid-sized enterprises. In addition to its Point of Sale module, the solution also offers integrated Inventory Management, Customer Management, and Accounting, including general...Read more about Epos Now

3.55 (314 reviews)

35 recommendations

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Rain POS

Rain is an all-in-one point-of-sale, website, and marketing system for small to midsized retailers. Music, dive, sporting goods, paddle, craft, sewing, quilting, and clothing boutiques will find Rain is an excellent fit for their...Read more about Rain POS

4.30 (120 reviews)

41 recommendations

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Run a better restaurant with the all-in-one, cloud-based POS system that helps you delight customers, streamline operations, and grow faster than ever. HungerRush 360 helps you create digital experiences your guests will love, so ...Read more about HungerRush

3.59 (34 reviews)

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Epicor for Retail

Epicor retail POS and business management solutions are designed to help independent retailers work smarter, not harder. With more than 45 years of experience built-in, Epicor retail solutions help retailers in nearly 8,000 locati...Read more about Epicor for Retail

4.00 (5 reviews)

16 recommendations

Linga rOS System

LINGA is an enterprise-ready cloud-based business platform with 20+ applications in addition to Point of Sale (POS). With over 17 years in the restaurant and retail markets, LINGA POS offers businesses hardware, software technolog...Read more about Linga rOS System

3.28 (34 reviews)

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Lavu POS

Lavu is a Point of Sale solution designed for use by restaurants, bars, and nightclubs - from full-service, quick-service, and franchise restaurants, to food trucks, coffee shops, and lounges. Users can choose between bar, restaur...Read more about Lavu POS

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One Tap Check-In

OneTap is a digital attendance app used by event organizers, gyms, martial arts studios, yoga studios, schools, universities, and nonprofits. OneTap helps businesses create a check-in process using multiple devices with features l...Read more about One Tap Check-In

5.00 (1 reviews)


Scalefusion is a solution that helps businesses manage and control content on corporate devices in lockdown kiosk mode. Key features include wireless internet access, usage reporting, secure browsing, onsite printing, digital sign...Read more about Scalefusion

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Moki Kiosk

Moki Kiosk is an Android and iOS kiosk solution that is designed for businesses in several industry segments, such as retail, automotive, healthcare, hospitality, education, and transportation. It helps organizations manage conten...Read more about Moki Kiosk

5.00 (1 reviews)


Dserve is a point of sale (POS) solution that helps restaurants streamline processes related to upselling, contactless ordering, customer feedback management, and more from within a unified platform. It allows staff members to bui...Read more about Dserve

5.00 (3 reviews)

Feedback Survey Kiosk

SurveyStance is designed to capture customer and employee feedback without any of the friction. This is done by allowing feedback with the tap of an emoji. These surveys are fun, engaging for users and the result is high response ...Read more about Feedback Survey Kiosk

No reviews yet

Moki Total Control

Moki Total Control is a mobile device management solution, which enables businesses in transportation, automotive, hospitality, education and other industries to control and monitor company-owned iOS and Android devices. Professio...Read more about Moki Total Control

4.59 (27 reviews)

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Chimpa UEM is an EMM (Enterprise Mobility Management) solution that is able to guarantee the control of mobile devices, IFPs and VRs visors because: streamlines management of iOS, iPadOS, tvOS and Android devices with zero-touch d...Read more about Chimpa

4.86 (7 reviews)

WebFrame Kiosk

WebFrame Kiosk is a web-based platform that allows businesses to transform iOS devices into a kiosk and display web applications, websites, documents, and other files among online or offline customers. Professionals can sync appli...Read more about WebFrame Kiosk

4.67 (3 reviews)

Buyers Guide

Last Updated: November 21, 2022

Touch screen point of sale (POS) software plays a key role in running an efficient retail operation. However, it can be difficult to sort through the many available programs to find the right touch POS system for your type and size of store. Luckily, we put in the hard work of researching these solutions, so you don’t have to. Our expertise allows us to match retailers with the right software based on their type of store, size and unique requirements. We are committed to saving retailers valuable time, and costly mistakes.

The goal of this buyer’s guide is to help retailers understand the market and begin the research process. Here’s what we’ll cover:

What Is Touch Screen POS Software?
What Type of Buyer Are You?
Benefits and Potential Issues
Market Trends to Understand
The Vendor Landscape

What Is Touch Screen POS Software?

Retail software is designed to track sales, inventory, customer information and more. The more advanced systems also support purchasing, manage employees and commissions and control pricing for multiple stores from a central location.

There are many different types of POS systems, and of course touch screen is one of the primary deployment models. For these programs, the keyboard is an eliminated or secondary piece of hardware, as most or all of the use comes through an intuitive touch-sensitive interface. The software is customized to your store and products and is designed to be quick and easy to learn, since retailers have one the highest employee turnover rates of any industry.


What Type of Buyer Are You?

There’s a very wide variety of touch screen POS systems and shopping for one can be a bit overwhelming. To simplify the task before you and help make sense of all the products you encounter, it’s helpful to think of all the various systems as belonging to either of two general groups. We use a similar approach and group touch screen POS buyers into one of two types:

Small POS buyers. Businesses with one to a handful of locations typically want a straightforward POS system. These buyers generally use their POS systems to ring up customers, update inventory and provide basic reports. Some of these systems also provide CRM capabilities that can be used to develop marketing and buyer incentive programs. They can also offer varying levels of accounting functionality.

Importantly, these systems are also some of the easiest to use. This can be an important selection factor for stores that can’t spend much time training managers how to use the new system or getting sales staff up to speed on how to handle and process each order. Touch screen POS systems designed for smaller businesses will typically have the simplest, and often the most user-friendly, interfaces.

Enterprise POS buyers. These buyers may be outgrowing their starter POS packages and are looking for more robust solutions. Alternatively, they may have an advanced POS package that simply isn’t well aligned with the workflows of frontline sales staff. They may be looking for a simpler system on the frontend, to improve speed and efficiency during check-out, but one that has more advanced and multi-site reporting and planning capabilities on the backend.

These solutions are typically targeted to larger retailers with multiple and/or very large stores, and include robust multi-location reporting capabilities and features like centralized pricing controls, merchandise planning and warehouse or transportation management. Not every enterprise solution will have all of these features, so consider carefully which features you want, and use those criteria to narrow down your search. Enterprise buyers should also consider any integration requirements carefully before making a purchase decision. They may have, for example, an important customer database that they plan to continue using. In cases like these, all new POS systems under evaluation should be double-checked to ensure compatibility with the database files and formats.

Benefits, Potential Issues and Pricing

The benefit of a touch screen POS is the intuitive design and high efficiency. New employees can learn the software extremely easily, since everything they need is just a couple of touches away, and once learned gets all purchases and/or orders registered very quickly and communicated to whoever else needs the information. In turn, this reduces checkout times, which increases sales and lowers costs of doing business.

Of course, training is a huge issue, and not all touch screen POS systems are created equal. So be sure to consider usability as you’re considering systems, to make sure the learning curve for new employees will be as low as possible.

Market Trends to Understand

As you evaluate retail systems, keep these trends in mind. How your vendor fits within these trends could have a big impact on their viability.

  • Mobile POS. Since many retailers conduct sales at tradeshows and other events, mobile POS applications are growing in popularity. Of course the iPad is a natural touch screen mobile POS application, but there are others designed to process payments and access inventory/sales data remotely.
  • Software as a service (SaaS). Not too long ago, a touch screen POS system would have required an on-premise installation. But with the explosion of the iPad, touch-sensitive desktop computers and other tablet devices, there are a whole range of solutions that are now designed for a Web-based deployment model. For these, the software and data are housed on a remote server, with the touch-sensitive user interface being the only on-premise use requirement. This could be a tablet device or a dedicated piece of hardware that you buy or lease from the software vendor.

The Vendor Landscape

This type of buyer:  Should look at these systems...
Small POS buyer TouchSuite, 2TouchPOS, Microsoft Dynamics RMS, Cougar Mountain Denali, Positive Retail Manager, Prophetline
Enterprise buyers Counterpoint, Retail Anywhere, Retail STAR, GoldTech, Iridium, Retail Pro, The Assistant Manager, Cybex, VuePoint, Cegid, Epicor