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What is gift shop software?

As retail businesses face a growing number of operational complexities, managing processes using traditional spreadsheets and manual methods are no longer viable options. Retail point-of-sales (POS) solutions help retailers automate manual and error-prone tasks, giving them the much needed time to focus on other important activities. Gen... read more
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RQ Retail Management

RQ is a cloud based point of sale (POS) and retail management solution for multi-location retailers. Features include mobile POS, CRM, advanced inventory management, HR, marketing and loyalty, repair and in-depth reporting and ana...Read more about RQ Retail Management

4.30 (55 reviews)

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MultiFlex RMS

MultiFlex RMS General Merchandise is a cloud-based retail management solution for single and multi-location retail stores. Key features include point of sale management, accounting, inventory, staff management, CRM and marketing. ...Read more about MultiFlex RMS

3.96 (67 reviews)

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RetailSTAR POS Software by CAM is an on-premise POS solution for specialty retail shops such as clothing stores, shoe stores, sporting goods retailers, gift and hobby shops, and health food stores. RetailSTAR targets small to mids...Read more about RetailSTAR

3.62 (49 reviews)

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Stratus Enterprise

Stratus Retail by Celerant Technology provides tools for point of sale (POS), inventory and order management, enterprise resource management (ERP), e-commerce, business intelligence, marketplace integrations (Amazon, eBay, Walmart...Read more about Stratus Enterprise

4.11 (31 reviews)

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NCR Counterpoint

The NCR Counterpoint solution includes an e-mail marketing tool, integrated e-commerce, mobile alerting, built-in gift card and customer loyalty programs and hardware specifically designed for the retail environment. The NCR ...Read more about NCR Counterpoint

3.63 (88 reviews)

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ProphetLine is an on-premise point of sale (POS) solution that caters to small and midsize businesses across industries such as footwear and apparel, electronics and appliances, furniture and home decor, sporting goods, general me...Read more about ProphetLine

4.59 (16 reviews)

Cybex Enterprise Retail Suite

Founded in 1986, the retail software suite from Cybex includes point of sale, inventory management, distribution and replenishment, warehouse management, CRM, and e-commerce. The Cybex Enterprise Retail Suite focuses on infor...Read more about Cybex Enterprise Retail Suite

4.77 (13 reviews)

S2K Enterprise for Retail

VAI’s is an independent software developer and the author of S2K Enterprise, an award winning cloud-based ERP solution utilized by customers operating across the distribution, manufacturing, specialty retail, and service sectors, ...Read more about S2K Enterprise for Retail

4.17 (3 reviews)


OneStep by Business Control Systems is an on-premise point-of-sale (POS) solution that caters to brick and mortar retailers and provides the functionalities to process transactions, control inventory and purchases and more. The so...Read more about OneStep-JV

3.50 (8 reviews)

The Assistant Manager

The Assistant Manager (TAM) is a fully integrated POS solution that provides a point of sale, inventory management, CRM, e-commerce, accounting, WMS and merchandising functionality in one application suite. It provides an int...Read more about The Assistant Manager

2.50 (2 reviews)

Wireless Standard POS

Wireless Standard by B2B Soft is a cloud-based point-of-sale system specifically designed for the wireless industry. Wireless Standard is fully integrated with added-value products like bill payment services, handset insurance pro...Read more about Wireless Standard POS

3.76 (19 reviews)


RetailEdge is an on-premise, retail POS solution designed for small and midsize businesses. It offers mobile POS, multi-location support, website integration, credit card processing and gift card management functionalities within ...Read more about RetailEdge

4.75 (142 reviews)

8 recommendations

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Aptos Retail Merchandising

Over 40 years’ experience delivering retail management systems to the retail industry with thousands of successful retail implementations around the world. Cloud-based omnichannel merchandising, inventory customer, POS, sales audi...Read more about Aptos Retail Merchandising

3.29 (7 reviews)

GoldTech Retail Manager

GoldTech Retail Manager is a retail management and point of sale system designed for small and midsize retail businesses. It offers inventory management, work order management, purchasing, receiving and CRM within a suite. The pro...Read more about GoldTech Retail Manager

No reviews yet


ChainDrive is an omni-channel retail management solution designed for retailers, e-tailers, and wholesalers. The solution is designed for apparel, footwear, sporting goods, jewelry, home goods, department store and specialty retai...Read more about ChainDrive

3.55 (11 reviews)

RB Control Systems

RB Pool and Spa Software completely manages retail and service with PCs, tablets, smartphones and laptops. With the consolidation of retail and service into a single system, regardless of your business size, you'll see an immediat...Read more about RB Control Systems

4.36 (56 reviews)

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Pacific Amber’s AmberPOS offers a point of sale software solutions to a variety of retail specialties, ranging from small to midsized, in the United States and Canada. In addition to point of sale functionality, AmberPOS incl...Read more about AmberPOS

4.09 (53 reviews)

21 recommendations

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Cegid Retail

Cegid provides cloud-based retail software to fashion and luxury, beauty, as well as specialty retailers. The system is built on a single, centralized database that is shared across all channels and updated in real time with custo...Read more about Cegid Retail

4.38 (34 reviews)

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Jesta Vision Suite

Jesta I.S. is a leading supplier of integrated software solutions for midsize and large retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers specializing in branded goods, apparel, footwear, hard goods and specialty industries. Jesta's c...Read more about Jesta Vision Suite

No reviews yet


Smartwerks_USA is a point of sale and accounting software application. It is best suited to small and midsize specialty retailers like mattress stores, gift shops, patio stores, and jewelry stores. Key features include point of sa...Read more about Smartwerks

4.53 (33 reviews)

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Buyers Guide

Last Updated: November 21, 2022

As retail businesses face a growing number of operational complexities, managing processes using traditional spreadsheets and manual methods are no longer viable options. Retail point-of-sales (POS) solutions help retailers automate manual and error-prone tasks, giving them the much needed time to focus on other important activities.

This buyer’s guide is intended to help you evaluate the right software for your gift shop business. Here’s what we’ll cover:

What Is Gift Shop POS Software
Common Functionality of Gift Shop POS Software
Market Trends to Understand

What Is Gift Shop POS Software?

There are two types of gift shops: One is the stand-alone shop, where you buy gifts, decorative items and knick-knacks. The other is affiliated with an organization or attraction, such as a hospital, museum or amusement center. Each has similar issues, primarily associated with inventory. Depending on the gift shop, stock items can vary in price from a few cents to hundreds of thousands of dollars. In some cases, gift store transactions can trigger IRS 8300 or Patriot Act Anti-Money Laundering compliance reporting.

For either type of gift shop, general ledger, payroll, accounts receivable and accounts payable are typical functions. POS is also a key component. Gift shops that are affiliated with organizations have an additional challenge, in that they must of share information with the accounting system for the organization.

In addition, there are some interesting customer relationship management (CRM) issues for gift shops. Usually, one of the benefits of being a supporting member of the organization, for example, a contributing member of a museum, is a discount at the gift shop. Another factor is subscription sales. Some gift stores sell limited-edition items; patrons can subscribe to the items and receive a notification when a new group is in stock.


Common Functionality of Gift Shop POS Software

Gift shop owners should examine the following functions to meet their unique requirements:

Vendor catalog integration Because of the number of potential items carried in a gift shop, it is very useful to have the inventory system integrate directly with vendors’ catalogs. The system can download description information and pricing to support order entry, inventory receiving and inventory setup.
UPC database What constitutes “giftware” is nebulous at best. Inventory is available from numerous vendors, and not all of them can provide online catalog access. The system needs to provide a catalog of products and UPCs. The catalog must be updated frequently or better yet, available online.
Integration If the gift shop is part of a larger organization, there are two options. First, the POS, inventory and the rest can simply be a part of the organization’s larger system. Alternatively, the gift shop’s systems, all or part of them, can integrate with the organization’s systems and share information, such as membership names, inventory values and transaction amounts, between the systems.
Member discounts The system must support a membership discount program, if one is offered. The system should track which items are discounted and by what amount. It should also track which items are on sale and whether or not sale items are also discounted.
Work orders Many gift shops offer special services. For example, framing and engraving. The system needs to track the work orders, post deposits and notify the customer when the work is complete.
Collectibles subscriptions Some customers buy collectibles as soon as they are available, for example, Christmas ornaments, limited-edition graphics or numbered figurines. Some go so far as to buy a certain proof of a collectible, such as always buying the 32nd print of each lithograph from a particular artist. The gift shop inventory, CRM and order entry systems should interact to prepare an order for the correct items and to notify customers when the items are available.
Special orders The system should handle special orders. It should track deposits, integrate with order entry to place orders and notify the customer when the order is received.
Gift registry The system should support a gift registry. Customers should be able to register for desired merchandise by name and event. The system should track which items have been purchased and what is still on the list.
Patriot Act anti-money laundering reporting The system should provide Patriot Act AML-required reports when purchases of “covered goods” of $50,000 or more are made in a single year.
Support for IRS form 8300 If a person pays for merchandise with $10,000 or more in cash, the systems should flag the transaction and generate information for IRS Form 8300.

Market Trends to Understand

The gift shop retail POS software market is gradually evolving with the introduction of new features and the changing needs of retailers. For example, Shopify POS solution enables retailers to manage orders from from mobile devices, such as iPads and iPhones.

Retail software buyers should keep in mind the below mentioned trends as they analyze POS solutions:

  • Increase in mobile payments and digital wallets. Electronic payments have proven to be quick, safe and convenient for both retailers and customers.The retail industry is shifting from cash transactions to cashless alternatives using credit cards and digital wallets, such as PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Wallet and Capital One. So, it becomes important for retailers to embrace digital payments capabilities in their gift shops.
  • Client retention through CRM modules. CRM modules enable retailers to retain existing clients as well as draw in new ones by running promotional campaigns, spreading brand awareness and managing social media marketing. Further, advanced systems assist gift shop retailers to send email and text campaigns, including vouchers codes or cashback offers on special occasions, such as anniversaries, birthdays and festivals.
  • Integration of inventory management. The right level of inventory is essential for cost-effective and streamlined retail operations. Low inventory levels increase the risk of stock shortages while high inventory levels harm the profitability of retail operations. In order to prevent such situations, vendors are integrating inventory management functionalities with POS solutions. In addition, advanced retail solutions provide real-time inventory tracking capabilities to send automated notifications every time inventory reaches the minimum prescribed limit.
  • Ease of using mobile POS. This functionality is useful for retailers who report active sales from remote locations, such as events, kiosks and tradeshows. Mobile POS enables gift shop retailers to process transactions wirelessly and review inventory levels from remote locations.