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Salesforce Vaccine Cloud

Salesforce Vaccine Cloud helps nonprofits, healthcare providers and other medical organizations handle vaccination operations via a unified portal. The platform includes a centralized command center, which enables organizations to...Read more about Salesforce Vaccine Cloud

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CroweVax is a patient case management software designed to help businesses in the public sector manage vaccine distribution and allocation processes. The platform enables managers to register on the provider portal and submit proo...Read more about CroweVax

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VaxManager is a SaaS solution, which assists clinics, healthcare professionals, universities and businesses with vaccine administration, calendar management, patients' check-in processes, waitlist queues and more using customizabl...Read more about VaxManager

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Vaccine Management System

Vaccine Management System is an appointment management solution that helps healthcare institutes streamline processes related to patient immunization, data storage, cold chain management, and more from within a unified platform. I...Read more about Vaccine Management System

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ServiceNow Vaccine Administration Management

ServiceNow Vaccine Administration Management is an online application, which enables healthcare providers, pharmaceutical businesses and government organizations to create, handle and track immunization programs. Administrators ca...Read more about ServiceNow Vaccine Administration Management

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Infosys Vaccine Management

Infosys Vaccine Management (IVM) solution enables local and state government institutions to plan and handle mass immunization drives on a unified portal. The platform includes a scheduling module, which helps organizations manage...Read more about Infosys Vaccine Management

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Microsoft Vaccination Management

Microsoft Vaccination Management is a vaccination management software designed to help healthcare providers record medicine-related details and schedule appointments across multiple facilities. The platform allows administrators t...Read more about Microsoft Vaccination Management

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1health is a cloud-based vaccine management platform that helps businesses manage and streamline the administration of vaccines. Professionals can access the vaccination details of employees, including vaccinated date, type and na...Read more about 1health

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VaxCare is a vaccine management solution that helps businesses across the healthcare industry streamline the entire vaccination workflow, from ordering to administration. It allows medical professionals to configure workflows, han...Read more about VaxCare

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Vaccine Management System

Vaccine Management System is a web-based platform designed to help healthcare providers track vaccination administration and make vaccination appointments available to interested recipients. Key features include appointment schedu...Read more about Vaccine Management System

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Accenture Vaccine Management Solution

Accenture Vaccine Management Solution helps businesses in the public sector manage residents' registrations, schedule appointments, administer vaccination delivery procedures and follow up on symptoms. It includes a supply chain m...Read more about Accenture Vaccine Management Solution

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ArbiMed Inventory

ArbiMed Inventory is a cloud-based inventory management solution designed for the medical and other clinical industries. With ArbiMed Inventory, medical professionals and administrators can easily track valuable medical assets fro...Read more about ArbiMed Inventory

4.32 (38 reviews)

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VaccineXpress is an online vaccination management platform designed to help medical practices schedule patients and manage vaccine shipments on a unified interface. Administrators can utilize the application to record inventory of...Read more about VaccineXpress

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Vaccine Management Software

Vaccine Management Software by Pomelo is a cloud-based immunization solution designed to help businesses in the healthcare industry automate patient communication through scheduling and reminders. Key features include rescheduling...Read more about Vaccine Management Software

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VaccineCheck Digital Health Pass

VaccineCheck is a digital vaccine and health card solution that can be used by organizations, schools, health departments, and others. With this solution, individuals can digitally present health status to gain location access wit...Read more about VaccineCheck Digital Health Pass

5.00 (11 reviews)

QUALO Healthy Pathways

QUALO Healthy Pathways offers a combination of data collection, alerting, user classification and reporting to promote health, efficiency and safety in the workplace, schools, and the community. This web-based software solution pr...Read more about QUALO Healthy Pathways

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Gaia Workspace

Gaia Workspace is a flexible workspace and visitor management solution, featuring room & desk booking, employee screening, vaccine and test tracking, facility management, and visitor management. Gaia streamlines your workplace sch...Read more about Gaia Workspace

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Pomelo Health

Pomelo Health is a healthcare management system that helps organizations streamline operations, remove frictions and go further to provide better experiences for patients. The solution integrates seamlessly with leading EMR system...Read more about Pomelo Health

4.18 (40 reviews)

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HasHealth is a cloud-based telemedicine software designed to help healthcare organizations conduct virtual consultations for patients. Supervisors can schedule, reschedule and cancel appointments according to requirements, reducin...Read more about HasHealth

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Health Cloud

Salesforce Health Cloud is a patient management platform designed to help medium to large healthcare organizations manage inquiries, track issues, deliver post-acute care processes and more. Key features include clinical data mana...Read more about Health Cloud

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Buyers Guide

Last Updated: June 30, 2021

Vaccinations have become more important than ever recently. If you're a government leader, a public health organization, or a healthcare official with this Herculean task of vaccinating millions of people, you need to evaluate vaccination progress, monitor vaccination distribution, schedule vaccinations for patients, generate guidelines for citizens, and support transparency in the vaccination process.

Good thing there is vaccine management software to come to the rescue. This software will allow you to manage vaccination processes and workflows with features such as inventory management for managing and maintaining the supply chain, reporting and analytics for creating dashboards and trackers, and patient management features for storing patient-related information and tracking vaccination doses.

In this buyer's guide, we’ll explain what vaccine management software is, its common features, its benefits, and the latest trends that software buyers should watch for.

Here's what we'll cover:

What is vaccine management software?

Vaccine management software enables public healthcare administrators, healthcare providers, and communities to streamline the workflow of the vaccination process including scheduling, vaccination guidelines, eligibility screening, vaccine inventory management, payment processing, and vaccine distribution record management.

Along with these features, vaccine management solutions also include functionality for provider enrollment, self-service patient services, and public health community dashboards that can coordinate the process of vaccine distribution and management, and solidify the relationship between providers, patients, and distributors.

Inventory management in VaxCare

Inventory management in VaxCare (Source)

Common features of vaccine management software

Below are some common features of vaccine management software that you should watch for:

Appointment management Register and schedule/self-schedule/reschedule appointments for vaccination slots and sites.
Medical records Create patient medical records that include vaccination records for first and second doses as well as no-shows.
Vaccine information/guidelines Send patients information about vaccines and what they should expect at the vaccination site. Deliver educational content to patients and address their vaccine hesitancy with knowledge bases, virtual assistants, and more.
Reminders Send automated reminders/notifications to patients via text/email for initial and second doses, as well as specific instructions to follow once they get vaccinated.
Eligibility screening Screen patients for clinical eligibility with the help of tools such as pre-screening surveys.
Follow-ups/alerts Send instructions to patients via text/email about who to contact in case of emergency. Also, record any side effects they experience using an e-form.
Inventory management Administer and record the number of doses of vaccines available, in real-time.
Waitlist management Manage your patient queues and waitlists based on custom criteria, and set priorities, such as for healthcare workers and other frontline essential workers.

What type of buyer are you?

Consider which buyer type you are and what your specific needs are before making a decision on which tool to purchase:

  • Healthcare providers: Healthcare centers and hospitals that provide vaccines to patients will have various software needs such as scheduling appointments, reporting, mass vaccine enrollment tracking, appointment and reminder management, and vaccine administration tracking. If you are one of these buyers, look for a tool that has self-registration for patients, pre-appointment surveys, and SMS/email communication to send details pertaining to the appointment and vaccine. You should look for a user-friendly interface for medical professionals to oversee the entire vaccination workflow as well as manage eligibility screening and appointment scheduling process for patients.
  • Public and state-level health organizations: If you are a health organization that delivers vaccines to hospitals and healthcare providers, you need software that can track vaccine management procedures including tracking vaccine inventory in healthcare centers and analyzing vaccine-related problems in these centers. Look for a tool that has good inventory management and billing and invoicing capabilities.

Benefits of vaccine management software

Here are the key benefits of vaccine management software:

  • Smooth inventory management: Vaccine management software records each and every detail about vaccine stock including shipments, quantity, location, serial numbers, vaccines used, and available supply. This not only helps hospitals and vaccine management authorities to effectively administer and manage vaccine availability but also to forecast vaccine demand and manage the quantity availability and future ordering.
  • Easy appointment scheduling: With features such as appointment scheduling and automated reminders, vaccine management software helps staff check availability and create appointments. If a patient is due for their vaccine dose, either first or second, the system automatically sends a reminder to the patient about their upcoming appointment.
  • Easily accessible patient records: This tool has the functionality to record patients' information that can be accessed online by multiple authorized personnel and help them track real-time data about their patients. This includes patient information such as medical history, prior vaccines, demographics, check-up reports, and other information.
  • Automated invoicing and billing management: This tool can include features for automated invoicing and billing, which will help in generating invoices and bills for each patient.

Key considerations when selecting vaccine management software

Market trends to understand

  • Data and analytics help create effective vaccine management dashboards: When it comes to the vaccine management progress, healthcare providers and government officials need access to critical information such as the availability of vaccine supplies, mortality rates, communities that might need more attention, the number of vaccines already administered, the target vaccination rate, and information on public outreach efforts to overcome vaccine reluctance. A vaccine management solution that uses data and analytics to create dashboards and trackers will help easily generate data on the vaccine process. These data-driven dashboards help communities to assess resources and track vaccine deployment across geographic areas. Furthermore, clear insights into vaccine distribution will improve tracking and monitoring efforts, will help create an equitable vaccination process through better population prioritization, and will allow for proactive communication with stakeholders such as vaccine distributors and government leaders.

With so many options, choosing the right vaccine management tool can be difficult. If you want a second opinion before making a decision, you can schedule a free call with our software advisors to learn more about your options.

Note: The application selected in this guide is an example to show a feature in context and is not intended as an endorsement or recommendation. It has been taken from sources believed to be reliable at the time of publication.