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TutorCruncher is a tutoring management platform designed to help tutoring businesses of any size manage tutors, schedule lessons, securely accept payments, and more. It offers customized client pipeline features to increase sales ...Read more about TutorCruncher


BookSteam is an online appointment scheduling solution. It offers business and customer-facing functionality so that customers/clients can schedule appointments online, while businesses can manage these appointments on the backend...Read more about BookSteam

4.64 (81 reviews)

My Music Lessons

My Music Lessons is a scheduling solution that helps music schools streamline operations related to lesson scheduling, payment processing, session cancellations, and more on a centralized platform. It allows students and teachers ...Read more about My Music Lessons

4.80 (5 reviews)

Jackrabbit Music

Jackrabbit Music is a cloud-based class management software that helps music schools handle online registrations, track attendance and process payments on a unified platform. Instructors can use the application to view daily, week...Read more about Jackrabbit Music

4.53 (55 reviews)

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Teachworks is a business management software designed to help music schools and studios handle student records, online booking and billing operations. Administrators can use the application to create student groups, schedule priva...Read more about Teachworks

4.50 (46 reviews)

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ProClass is a cloud-based registration solution that helps in online registration, membership management and payment collection. It is suitable for designing learning programs and training business associations within nonprofits a...Read more about ProClass

4.29 (28 reviews)

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Sawyer is a cloud-based camp and activity management solution that offers booking and scheduling services for children's after school class providers, camps and events. The solution also offers an online marketplace, where parents...Read more about Sawyer

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Scheduling & payments just got a whole lot easier! "10 Highest Rated Tools for Entrepreneurs" - GetApp Fons is award winning scheduling & payment software. You will love using Fons to: Automate scheduling and payments Elimina...Read more about Fons

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Bookeo is a cloud-based booking and reservation solution that caters to tour operators, travel agencies, schools, therapists, photographers and event organizers. The solution offers Bookeo Appointments, Bookeo Classes and Bookeo T...Read more about Bookeo

4.35 (84 reviews)

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Art Center Canvas

Art Center Canvas is a cloud-based solution designed to help music and art centers automate class set up and registration based on various factors such as schedule, experience level, tuition, member pricing, program type and more....Read more about Art Center Canvas

4.09 (11 reviews)


Enrollsy is an online enrollment software designed to help daycares, preschools, charter schools, art centers and insurance companies manage program enrollment, back-office operations and billing. Key features include attendance t...Read more about Enrollsy

4.96 (25 reviews)

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TeacherZone is a cloud-based scheduling solution that helps small to midsize performing arts institutions manage lessons, attendance, fees and more. The primary features of the platform include learning management system (LMS), le...Read more about TeacherZone

4.68 (28 reviews)

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String Masters

String Masters is a cloud-based class management software designed to help music schools schedule, run and manage online classes and receive online payments. The platform allows organizations to organize music libraries and create...Read more about String Masters

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Soundtrap is a cloud-based music school solution designed to help educational institutions manage lesson plans, create student groups and streamline remote learning processes in compliance with Children's Online Privacy Protection...Read more about Soundtrap

4.51 (83 reviews)

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ACTIVE Educate

ACTIVE Educate is a cloud-based class registration solution designed for studios of all sizes. It offers online registration, marketing and online membership management functionalities within a suite. ACTIVE Educate features ...Read more about ACTIVE Educate

4.57 (14 reviews)


Pike13 is a cloud-based client management and scheduling software solution that targets health and wellness clubs, fitness studios and music and dance studios. This solution features scheduling, billing, client management, reporti...Read more about Pike13

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Regpack is a comprehensive online registration platform trusted by more than 7,000 organizations worldwide. Regpack gives you the tools you need to manage every aspect of your event or program including flexible form building, rea...Read more about Regpack

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YourVirtuoso is a cloud-based marketing and administration solution for dance studios or music schools. It enables businesses to manage their online registrations, family accounts, websites, reporting, payments and class rosters. ...Read more about YourVirtuoso

4.16 (57 reviews)

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WellnessLiving is a cloud-based business management solution for wellness studios of all sizes. The key features of the solution include online booking, payments, class scheduling and marketing management. WellnessLiving feature...Read more about WellnessLiving

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myClubhouse is an easy to use and highly flexible, online club management website to let you run your club the way you want. We help clubs, societies, associations, charities and businesses save time on all types of admin and pro...Read more about myClubhouse

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Buyers Guide

Last Updated: August 02, 2022

Software Applications for Music School

Music schools have to coordinate lessons across a large student population. As students come and go, the process of matching students to teachers and scheduling classes while keeping parents and school management in the loop can be a daunting process.

With music school software, musical schools can organize these processes using a single interface that manages interactions between students, teachers, and parents.

This guide will help you understand what music school software is as well as the various factors that should be considered when choosing a music school software solution.

Here’s what we'll cover:

What is music school software?

Music school software makes it easy for music schools to register students, schedule lessons, and send automated reminders. This software also helps music schools track the availability of instructors, match instruction levels with teachers, and record the amount of teaching hours provided to students. In doing so, music schools can more accurately invoice their customers and provide an online portal for parents to communicate with teachers, monitor their child’s musical progress, and be updated on lesson schedules.

Common features of music school software

While features vary from product to product, music school software typically offers some or all of the following functionality:

Class scheduling Provide an interface for teachers and management to schedule lessons with students based on availability of both students and teachers.
Specific to music schools Record curricula information specific to music institutions, such as instrument, student level, etc.
Student management Store information about the student and parents in a central database.
Attendance tracking Record the attendance of students and calculate overall attendance rates.
Calendar management Provide a visual representation of upcoming lessons, teacher availability, and physical classroom vacancies.
Communication management Record a complete log of communication between teacher, parents, and students.
Faculty and staff management Store schedules of teacher availability that can be accessed during lesson scheduling.
Parent and student portal Provide parents with an online gateway through which parents and students can view teaching material and communicate with teachers.

What type of buyer are you?

  • Virtual music schools: Considering that virtual or online music schools have the potential to reach a larger audience of potential students than traditional brick-and-mortar schools, the sheer number of lessons generated across a larger population of students and teachers demands a higher level of organization. Music school software provides a means to keep these scheduling demands in check. Furthermore, music school software provides a portal for parents, students, and teachers to connect with each other in the absence of in-person interaction.
  • Brick-and-mortar music schools: In addition to coordinating lesson times between students and teachers, these physical schools also need to keep track of on-site lesson and practice spaces as well as track rented practice equipment. Music school software contains fields specific to these types of schools without further customization.

Benefits of music school software

  • Improves parental involvement: Music school software not only benefits school owners, but also provides parents with a means of instantly accessing information about their child’s progress throughout their musical education. Using an online portal and messaging, teachers can much more proactively inform parents of practice recommendations and keep them in the loop on homework requirements while also notifying parents about potential behavior issues.
  • Maximizes teaching resources: By providing a scheduling mechanism for teachers, practice areas, and rental music equipment, music school software helps school owners know when there are shortfalls in teaching faculty or other resources so that they don’t miss opportunities for potential revenue when new students matriculate.
  • Improves accountability: Through improved schedule visibility between teachers and parents, the onus on parents to make sure that their children attend lessons is increased, and helps ensure that they will still be responsible for payment if lessons are missed.

Key considerations for purchasing music school software

Choosing which music school software to buy can seem daunting at first, considering there are so many solutions on the market to choose from. Here are a couple factors to consider when purchasing music school software:

  • Software integrations: Although music school software offers tools that help music schools manage scheduling and interactions between students, parents, and teachers, you may want to consider other integrations that can provide great value to your institution. For instance, by integrating music school software with your accounting tool, you can automatically generate invoices to parents as lessons are completed.
  • Multiple disciplines: Many music schools teach across multiple disciplines, such as dance or visual arts. As a result, many music school packages can also include specificity for these curricula as part of, or as a modular addition, to their software package. Consider if a package that lets your school expand into other art forms would benefit your organization.

Market trends to understand

When looking to purchase music school software, be sure to understand the following market trends to ensure that you choose a solution that grows with your business goals:

Streaming recorded content: As students move towards instantly accessible video instruction materials, the ability to provide media directly through your musical school’s online portal will become more and more prevalent. Consider future opportunities for providing instruction through recorded videos where teacher instruction is reserved for periodically monitoring student progress.

Live instruction through video conferencing: Recent changes in video conferencing capabilities has made it easier for students to receive instruction directly over the web. Look forward to future integrations where music school software also manages the facilitation of live one-to-one or one-to-many instruction.

Integration with social media: As video media continues to populate social media platforms, music school software will take advantage of this trend by allowing the publication of lesson snippets and online recitals directly to social media feeds.

Note: The application selected in this article is an example to show a feature in context and is not intended as an endorsement or recommendation. It has been obtained from sources believed to be reliable at the time of publication.