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Campground Master

Campground Master is an on-premise camp management solution designed for campgrounds, RV parks and site-rental businesses. Key features include online reservations, credit-card processing, point of sale (POS) and site maps. C...Read more about Campground Master

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CampManager is a cloud-based park and campsite booking software that allows users to check availability in real time. The solution enables users to receive bookings and payments from several locations simultaneously with zero dupl...Read more about CampManager

4.71 (48 reviews)

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Cobalt Silver

Cobalt Silver is a cloud-based campground management software that offers online registration, payments and reporting functionalities within a suite. The product caters to campgrounds, RV parks, boat and cabin rentals. Cobalt...Read more about Cobalt Silver

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Guest Tracker Campground & Lodging Software is a reservation management software that is designed for Campgrounds, Lodging, and RV Parks. TCS Technologies has been designing and implementing software solutions for 15+ years and Gu...Read more about GuestTracker

4.50 (12 reviews)


NewBook is a cloud-based solution that enables businesses in the hospitality industry to streamline hotel management processes. Professionals can utilize the property management system to communicate with guests or staff using the...Read more about NewBook

4.87 (38 reviews)

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RMS Cloud

RMS is a global provider of innovative, cloud-based technology solutions for the outdoor hospitality industry. By offering business insights, best practices and user-friendly software, RMS enables campgrounds, National Parks, RV p...Read more about RMS Cloud

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Resort Data Processing (RDP) offers customizable property management solution to meet operational and budgetary requirements of property owners. The solution serves a wide range of property types including hotels & resorts, condom...Read more about RDPWin

4.02 (80 reviews)

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ResNexus is a cloud-based property management software that helps increase reservations and revenue. As an all-in-one solution, ResNexus provides a beautifully designed ADA compliant website and booking engine to increase direct b...Read more about ResNexus

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RoverPass is a cloud-based campground booking platform for online reservation management. It is designed for campground and RV park owners across the U.S. The platform includes a dashboard where owners can easily set custom bookin...Read more about RoverPass

4.59 (32 reviews)

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Campspot is a cloud-based campground management and reservation system. It is designed for RV parks, family campgrounds, glamping resorts, multi-property groups, festivals, municipal parks, marinas, and more throughout the United ...Read more about Campspot

4.79 (57 reviews)

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GuestSuites is a hotel and property management solution that services all lodging industries including hotels, resorts, luxury inns, B&Bs, state parks and campgrounds, hospitals, universities, government and armed forces facilitie...Read more about GuestSuites

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GEIVILTUR is an Italian-language, Windows-based software specifically designed for managing various tourist facilities, including hotels, campsites, and others. It can be used to calculate costs for various periods, such as weekly...Read more about GEIVILTUR

4.71 (35 reviews)

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Designed for businesses in travel and leisure, hospitality, and other industries, is a cloud-based campground management software that helps receive online reservations, handle check-in operations, and more from a cen...Read more about

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Open Campground

Open Campground is a multi-lingual reservation management solution that helps RV parks and campgrounds streamline processes related to discount configuration, space management, and guest check-ins, among other processes on a centr...Read more about Open Campground

4.33 (12 reviews)


InnGenius is a hotel management platform that assists businesses in the hospitality sector with booking, billing, website building, housekeeping and point of sale operations. Administrators can configure different property rates, ...Read more about InnGenius

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OONEKEY is an Italian-language platform for managing tourist facilities and their daily operations. It serves as a 3-in-1 system for the management of customers, maintenance requests, and reservations. Features include online gues...Read more about OONEKEY

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inReception is a property management solution, which enables accommodation facilities such as hotels, villas, farmhouses and more to streamline processes related to reservations, rate plans, pricing and bookings. Administrators ca...Read more about inReception

4.70 (23 reviews)

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HotelManager is a cloud-based hospitality property management solution designed to help the hospitality industry modify online availability across various channels and manage reservations from within a unified platform. Key featur...Read more about HotelManager

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Staylist Pro

Staylist Pro is an online booking software, which helps vacation rentals and campground site owners manage reservations, prices, payments, visitors and more. The platform uses barcode scanning capabilities to track product invento...Read more about Staylist Pro

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CampWorks is a web-based and on-premise camp management solution, designed to help small to large RV parks, resorts, marinas and campgrounds streamline reservations, guests, rentals, and sales. Features include housekeeping, group...Read more about CampWorks

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Buyers Guide

Last Updated: July 03, 2022

With such a large number of sites available within a single campground or RV park, it can be difficult for site managers to properly handle each site and its guests without exhausting park staff.

With campground management software, companies are able to streamline administrative processes such as guest reservations and invoicing, allowing site staff to focus on other duties and ultimately improving the overall guest experience.

This guide will help you understand what campground management is, as well as the various factors that must be considered when choosing a campground management solution.

Here’s what we'll cover:

What is campground management software?

Campground management software helps businesses efficiently manage the administration of permits, reservations, utilities, invoices, and other aspects of tent and RV camping sites. With campground management software, site managers will be able to better resolve guest complaints, answer guest inquiries, track site availability, handle site reservations, gather guest data, process guest payments, and manage site rates.

Common features of campground management software

While features may vary from product to product, campground management software typically offers some or all of the following functionality:

Guest check-in/check-out Check guests in at the start of their stay and out at the end of their stay, or permit guests to check themselves in and out using a self-service portal.
Site maps Access and manage site maps to track the availability of plots, utilities, and other site features.
Site reservation management Create and manage guest reservations for individual camping sites/plots.
Billing & invoicing Automate the entire invoicing process, from creating and sending invoices to receiving customer payments.
Contact management Store and find customer and employee contact information such as names, addresses, and social media accounts. Track all customer interactions to aid future customer service efforts.
Guest communications Communicate with guests directly within the system to provide answers to any inquiries they may have.
Online reservations Allow customers to make and manage reservations online. Manage and track bookings to avoid double booking sites.
Point of sale (POS) Track inventory in real-time. Accept and process financial transactions within the system. Generate electronic or print receipts for customers.
Rate management Track and optimize rates in relation to campsites based on parameters such as length of stay, packages, and more.

What type of buyer are you?

  • Campground owners: These buyers need a software solution that will streamline the reservation process and increase overall customer satisfaction. Campgrounds typically do not feature 24/7 check in/out desks for their guests, which can lead to customer frustrations. To combat this issue, these buyers should choose a campground management solution that allows guests to make reservations and check in/out using a mobile application instead of having to interact with campground staff.
  • RV park owners: RV park owners are typically looking for a software solution that allows them to better track site reservation processes to stay efficient. With campground management software, these buyers are able to efficiently track all RV site reservations on a user-friendly dashboard and collect customer information to aid customer service efforts. These buyers should choose a campground management solution that prioritizes guest data tracking and features a customer (self-service) reservation portal.

Benefits of campground management software

  • Enables guest data tracking: Tracking guest data helps businesses personalize marketing and provide better customer service to their guests. With campground management software, campground/RV park managers can track the habits and needs of their guests and use that information to provide a better camping experience. By catering to customer wants and needs, guests are more likely to return to or recommend your site to people they know, increasing brand awareness.
  • Streamlines guest communications: Instead of manually sending out response emails and text confirmations to customers, campground managers can automate guest communications. With campground management software, customers can check in/check out without having to adhere to front desk hours, which are typically limited.
  • Increases customer satisfaction: Campground/RV park guests often look for spaces that feature self-service applications so that they can speed up the reservation process and spend more time enjoying the outdoors. With campground management software, guests are able to reserve their site ahead of time, without having to directly interact with campground or RV park staff. By speeding up the reservation process, site managers will be able to increase customer retention rates.

Key considerations for purchasing campground management software

Campground management software can seem daunting at first, considering there are so many solutions on the market to choose from. Here are a couple factors to consider when purchasing campground software:

  • Software integrations: Although campground management software offers tools that help businesses streamline site management processes, you may want to consider other integrations that can provide greater value to your business. For instance, customer relationship software integrations can help businesses better understand and manage their customer relations when integrated with campground management software.
  • Data reporting and analysis capabilities: It's crucial for campgrounds and RV park managers to properly collect and analyze key parameters such as monthly revenue to provide insight into business performance. Be sure to ask your software vendor if their solution prioritizes data reporting and analytics to ensure that your company will have access to business insights that can help your team optimize their operations.

Market trends to understand

When looking to purchase campground management software, be sure to understand the following market trend to ensure that you choose an innovative, scalable solution:

  • Increased usage of customer self-service portals: Most site guests today are tech savvy and prefer to book reservations online instead of calling over the phone or interacting with site staff in person. Due to this, many campground management software solutions feature customer self-service portals which allow customers to book reservations, submit payments, and check in/out of their site from their desktop or mobile device. This benefits site managers by allowing them to get a better idea of how many people will be present on their sites, enabling them to prepare for guests ahead of time. Be sure to choose a campground management solution that features a self-service portal with a user-friendly interface that customers can easily operate.