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Tipalti is a cloud-based accounting management solution that helps users automate their accounts payable process. It offers a variety of features, including invoice automation, payment remittance, regulatory compliance management,...Read more about Tipalti


Affise is a performance marketing management solution that allows businesses of all sizes to manage and track the performance of affiliates across marketing campaigns. With its administrative dashboard, professionals can view the ...Read more about Affise

4.54 (69 reviews)


Grow your business with Tapfiliate, an all-in-one cloud-based affiliate, referral, and influencer marketing platform. With over 30+ plug-and-play integrations, Tapfiliate is an affiliate tracking platform that allows businesses w...Read more about Tapfiliate

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TUNE is a cloud-based platform designed to help small to large businesses manage marketing partnerships across digital channels. Key features include fraud prevention, payment processing, customizable branding, campaign management...Read more about TUNE

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Scaleo is an affiliate marketing software that can be used as an affiliate program or as a stand-alone platform that helps businesses create an affiliate network. It provides organizations with widgets and a white-label affiliate ...Read more about Scaleo

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Offer18 is a SaaS performance marketing solution designed to help advertisers track, optimize and measure the performance of advertising networks. With Offer18’s campaign automation system, businesses can manage advertisers, affil...Read more about Offer18

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Post Affiliate Pro

Post Affiliate Pro is a cloud-based solution that assists marketing teams with tracking affiliate programs and networks. Key features include link customization, multi-currency support, sales tracking, commission management and ca...Read more about Post Affiliate Pro

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Kartra is a cloud-based solution, which helps businesses create, launch and manage e-commerce platforms, marketing campaigns and helpdesk portals. The application enables organizations to create personalized webpages using drag-an...Read more about Kartra

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InviteReferrals is a cloud-based solution designed to help online businesses of all sizes manage customer referral programs through mobile applications and social sharing tools. Key features include campaign management, lead gener...Read more about InviteReferrals

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SaaSquatch is a cloud-based referral marketing solution, which helps small to large businesses create, manage and track customer reward programs. Key features include client acquisition, ad retargeting, fraud detection, reporting ...Read more about SaaSquatch

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Omnistar Affiliate

Omnistar Affiliate is a cloud-based customer referral solution designed to help businesses manage affiliate programs for promoting products and services across digital platforms. Key features include campaign management, lead gene...Read more about Omnistar Affiliate

4.87 (68 reviews)

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HOQU is an affiliate marketing platform designed to help businesses create, track and optimize the performance of online advertising campaigns. Using the white-label solution, sales professionals can target specific audiences base...Read more about HOQU

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Designed as a full-stack solution, PartnerStack is a cloud-based partner relationship management (PRM) platform that assists SaaS-based companies, marketing agencies, and resellers with building and managing channel partner progra...Read more about PartnerStack

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Impact Partnership Cloud

Impact Partnership Cloud is an affiliate marketing solution designed to help businesses manage and optimize partnerships with affiliates, sponsors, social influencers, charities and more. It enables marketers to identify partners ...Read more about Impact Partnership Cloud

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vene dash

vene dash is an affiliate marketing solution designed to help businesses track, manage, analyze and optimize the performance of online advertising campaigns. The integrated billing and invoicing module enables publishers to captur...Read more about vene dash

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Income Access

Specializing in affiliate marketing, Income Access is a digital marketing agency that provides digital marketing services and affiliate management software. Built for the iGaming market, their affiliate marketing platform is able ...Read more about Income Access

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Arches is an affiliate marketing solution that helps advertisers and publishers streamline operations related to conversion rate tracking, bid management, affiliate account handling and more on a centralized platform. It enables s...Read more about Arches

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AffiliateWP is an affiliate management solution for individuals and businesses to set up WordPress plugins and handle marketing campaigns. Key features include automated partner registration, affiliate coupon tracking, associates ...Read more about AffiliateWP

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Everflow is a partner marketing solution that helps businesses streamline processes related to performance monitoring, payment processing, impression tracking and more on a centralized platform. It allows supervisors to generate f...Read more about Everflow

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Impartner PRM

Impartner PRM is a cloud-based channel management solution which helps businesses manage and optimize channels. The software integrates with Salesforce and other CRMs to handle selling, marketing and assessing clients’ performance...Read more about Impartner PRM

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Buyers Guide

Last Updated: February 10, 2021

Affiliate marketing is a referral marketing strategy in which an organization pays a commission to individuals or other companies for promoting and selling its products or services. Most affiliate marketing programs pay a commission based on the number of sales. However, some programs are similar to advertising campaigns wherein third-party affiliate marketers receive a commission for generating leads.

Running an affiliate marketing program manually is a tedious task. Businesses have to handle several processes, such as tracking sales conversions, following up with leads, and managing commissions. Affiliate software helps organizations run such programs by automatically tracking the referrals, endorsements, and commissions of each third-party affiliate marketer.

A wide range of affiliate software options is available on the market, and choosing the one that best meets your needs and budget is important. This guide will help you understand the different factors you must consider when shortlisting affiliate software.

Here's what we'll cover:

What is affiliate software?

Affiliate software helps organizations manage end-to-end affiliate marketing processes, from onboarding new affiliates to tracking commissions for the sale of products and services. It allows businesses to create an efficient affiliate marketing campaign by automating processes such as sales conversion and commission tracking, leads generation, payment processing, and reporting.

The software assists in ensuring compliance with region-specific regulations, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Some affiliate tracking software solutions also offer promotional tools, such as shareable posts, custom banners, branded links, and social media plug-ins to help drive buyer engagement.

Tracking affiliate statistics in CAKE (Source)

Common features of affiliate software

Different vendors offer different features as part of their affiliate solution. Selecting software with the right features is easier when you know what the most common features are and what they do. Here’s a look at some of the common features of these tools.

Affiliate commission management Tracks each affiliate’s sales numbers and automatically calculates the commission. It also allows you to customize the commission structure to suit the needs of specific programs.
Product and service templates Offers customizable built-in templates that have complete details of products or services. These templates can be shared with your affiliates, who can then forward them to potential customers.
Activity dashboard Tracks affiliate activities, such as the number of leads converted and the amount of commission earned, and presents the results on a dashboard to help monitor the performance of affiliates.
Analytics and reporting Helps analyze the performance of affiliate marketing programs by offering data-driven insights, such as average sales per affiliate, average conversion rate per affiliate, and percentage of sales through affiliates.
Third-party integration support Allows you to integrate the affiliate tracking solution with your existing tools, such as marketing or brand management systems, for the smooth exchange of business data.

What type of buyer are you?

Before you start evaluating affiliate marketing software options, you'll want to know which buyer category you belong to. Most buyers belong to one of the below categories.

  • Small and midsize businesses (up to 500 employees): These businesses typically include small and midsize businesses (SMBs) that operate in a few market segments. Unlike large enterprises, they offer a small range of products and services and thus have fewer affiliates. Also, they may not have a large marketing or brand development budget, so their affiliate programs have a higher focus on promotional purposes. Such buyers should opt for affiliate management software with features such as product and service templates, activity tracking, and commission management to easily monitor their affiliate network.
  • Large enterprises (over 500 employees): These businesses usually include large enterprises that have operations in multiple market segments. They offer a wide range of products and services and therefore employ a large number of affiliates. They often run brand management and affiliate marketing programs simultaneously. These buyers should choose an affiliate marketing platform that allows them to analyze the performance of multiple campaigns besides tracking affiliate activities. They should also look for third-party integration support, so they can easily integrate the software with their existing technology stack.

Benefits of affiliate software

While some of the benefits of affiliate software may be clear from our discussion above, we've listed the most notable ones in this section.

  • Reduces the manual workload: By automating tasks such as onboarding new affiliates, tracking conversions, calculating recurring commissions, and processing payments, an affiliate management tool reduces much of the manual workload for businesses. It also lets them set up automatic mass payouts to ensure partners and affiliates are paid on time.
  • Provides end-to-end affiliate campaign management: Affiliate software manages and tracks end-to-end campaign processes for businesses. It provides a centralized dashboard that presents key metrics, such as the number of leads converted by an affiliate marketer, in an easily understandable format. Also, reports and analytics offer deep insights that help businesses identify where they’re lagging and accordingly make changes to increase the campaign’s return on investment (ROI).

Key considerations when selecting affiliate software

Listed below are some important points to consider when purchasing affiliate software.

  • Integration with existing systems: Check if the affiliate platform you’ve selected integrates well with your existing systems. This consideration is critical if you’re already using a marketing or brand management tool for tracking campaign metrics and ROI. Integration functionality will ensure seamless data sharing among the different tools you use.
  • Mobile app availability: Check if the affiliate marketing tool you’re planning to purchase offers mobile apps for iOS and Android devices, such as smartphones and tablets. Mobile-ready affiliate software will allow you to perform tasks, such as creating product templates, authorizing commissions, and viewing the activity dashboard, even when you’re on the move.
  • Customer support: Inquire about the type of support provided by your shortlisted vendors: 24/7, 24/5, or only during business hours. Also, verify if they offer your preferred support channels, such as email, phone, or live chat. Support services will help fix any software issues that can create affiliate management disputes, such as delays in the payment of commissions.

Market trend to understand

Here’s a recent trend in the affiliate software market that you should be aware of:

  • Artificial intelligence (AI) is optimizing affiliate marketing programs: Businesses have started reaping the benefits of AI optimization techniques to improve the ROI of their affiliate campaigns. AI can analyze campaign goals data to identify potential partnerships by matching brands with affiliates most likely to drive engagement. AI can also automatically send program invitations to identified partners. In line with this trend, software vendors are expected to introduce AI and automation capabilities in their affiliate program software.

Note: The application selected in this article is an example to show a feature in context and isn’t intended as an endorsement or a recommendation. It has been obtained from sources believed to be reliable at the time of publication.