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Spark Hire

Spark Hire is a cloud-based video interviewing platform for HR departments and staffing professionals with options for one-way pre-recorded interviews or live interviews. Other features include branding customization, video interv...Read more about Spark Hire


Recruiting Software and Platform for the Hiring Process with Video Interview Software. HRBLADE saves hundreds of hours on recruiting. HRBLADE is a platform with a user-friendly interface and powerful functionality: Video intervi...Read more about HRBlade

4.50 (4 reviews)


Trusted by teams across the globe, Willo is the leading one-way video screening platform. Organisations can streamline their hiring process and discover the best candidates in less time. You simply invite candidates via SMS, emai...Read more about Willo

4.77 (35 reviews)

EasyHire is a cloud-­based video interview platform that enables companies to screen candidates using live and recorded videos, phone calls and real-time code assessments. It is suitable for businesses of all sizes and any ...Read more about EasyHire

4.48 (56 reviews)


Jobsoid is a cloud-based recruitment management solution designed to help businesses and staffing agencies search and hire candidates and enhance engagement through personalized emails and text messages. Features include video scr...Read more about Jobsoid


Put your recruiting process on autopilot with InterviewBuddy Pro's on-demand technical/management screening interviews. Add instant interviewing capacity and improve the screen to offer ratios by 10X. Vetted industry experts take ...Read more about InterviewBuddy

5.00 (1 reviews)

Launchpad Recruiting Platform

Launchpad is a cloud-based video interviewing and recruiting platform designed for midsize and enterprise-level companies in all industries to screen and recruit candidates. The solution provides mobile apps for Android and IOS de...Read more about Launchpad Recruiting Platform

5.00 (2 reviews)


Avature is a highly configurable enterprise SaaS platform for talent acquisition and talent management that drives innovation in the HCM software space. Founded by Dimitri Boylan, Avature empowers the leading-edge HR strategies of...Read more about Avature

4.51 (41 reviews)

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interviewstream’s video interviewing and scheduling platform has helped companies hire more quickly and efficiently for more than 19 years. Our clients love our ease of use, quick support response time, improved candidate experien...Read more about interviewstream

4.58 (33 reviews)

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InterviewStream Enterprise

InterviewStream Enterprise is a cloud-based video interviewing solution that manages the hiring process from initial screening to final committee. Live interviewing or conferencing is also available directly through the applicatio...Read more about InterviewStream Enterprise

3.75 (4 reviews)

Kira Talent

Kira Talent is a cloud-based admissions solution that helps administrations in universities and higher education institutes to manage their admission routines assessment of applicants. Kira Talent helps users to assess candid...Read more about Kira Talent

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Sonru is a cloud-based video interviewing solution designed specifically for the candidate selection process for small and medium-sized businesses. It allows hiring managers to set up their interview questions for applicants ahead...Read more about Sonru

3.75 (4 reviews)


WePow is a cloud-based video interviewing platform that allows companies to customize the interviewing process by enabling hiring managers to put together and send pre-recorded interview packages to candidates. Additionally, users...Read more about WePow

4.43 (28 reviews)

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HireVue is a cloud-based Human Resource Management *HRM) solution that helps businesses functionality to conduct video interviews with candidates. The solution allows job candidates to complete interview questions via an online vi...Read more about HireVue

4.50 (44 reviews)

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Paycor creates Human Capital Management (HCM) software for leaders who want to make a difference. Our HCM platform modernizes every aspect of people management, from the way you recruit, onboard and develop people, to the way you ...Read more about Paycor

4.37 (2379 reviews)

50 recommendations

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Recright is a cloud-based hiring platform that helps recruiters to manage the hiring process that includes job posting, filing and screening applications and conducting video interviews. Recright is suitable for companies of all s...Read more about Recright

4.81 (54 reviews)

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HarQen Voice Advantage is a cloud-based video interviewing solution that features live and pre-recorded video interviewing capabilities, audio interviews and branding capabilities. Users can also leverage HarQen Voice Advantage fo...Read more about HarQen

4.83 (12 reviews)

Modern Hire

Montage, a hiring technology platform provider, and Shaker International, a pre-employment assessment provider, recently merged under a new brand name, Modern Hire. Modern Hire combines SaaS interviewing technology and workflow au...Read more about Modern Hire

4.52 (31 reviews)

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HRMatrix is a hybrid human resource management (HRM) solution that provides HR departments in businesses, various functionalities to manage HR processes like personnel tracking, benefits administration, shift scheduling, project m...Read more about HRMatrix

4.86 (14 reviews)

HR Avatar

HR Avatar is an online pre-employment testing software that enables recruiters and hiring managers to organize recruitment drives and make hiring decisions. The solution allows employers to evaluate various aspects of each candida...Read more about HR Avatar

4.56 (70 reviews)

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Buyers Guide

Last Updated: November 23, 2022

What Is Video Interviewing Software?

Video interviewing software is a type of software that allows interviewers to video chat with job candidates. Interviewers can record these conversations for further assessment. The software also allows interviewers to collaborate with recruiters to evaluate candidates using templated assessment sheets.

Imagine a Google+ Hangouts or Skype built specifically for recruiting and you’ll start to understand what video interviewing software can do. Along with functionality to video chat with job candidates, video interviewing software allow users to collaborate and evaluate candidates, create templated candidate assessments and much more.

There are two primary ways in which this type of software can be used: asynchronous or synchronous interviews. Many vendors offer functionality for both options.

Enter video interviewing software, which allows hiring managers and recruiters to conduct video interviews with candidates online. Below you’ll find information detailing everything you need to know about video interviewing software before you make a purchase.


Here's what we'll cover in this guide:
What Is Video Interviewing Software?
Asynchronous Screening Interviews
Synchronous Final Interviews
Common Features of Video Interviewing Software
How Is It Priced?
Best Software Evaluation Tactics

Asynchronous Screening Interviews

Recruiters can pre-record interview questions, which they can then share with candidates as they apply. The asynchronous nature of the interviews saves recruiters and hiring managers time—they must only record the questions once—and allows them to review candidate responses as their schedule allows.

Asynchronous video interviews allow recruiters to review applicant interviews on their own schedule, saving time and increasing efficiency (Source: VidCruiter)

For instance, if a candidate applies via a job posting, that applicant will receive an email with a link letting them know that their video interview is available. They then follow the link to a virtual interview “room” where they answer the recruiter’s pre-recorded questions. Some of these questions may be verbal, however, many solutions offer the option for written, quiz-like questions—especially useful for technical roles. For instance, Interview Zen allows recruiters to create computer programming and coding challenges to see if candidates have the skills required for the job before scheduling a synchronous face-to-face interview.

When finished, the recruiter receives an email notification that the interview is ready to view. The recruiter can then share the candidate’s recorded interview with hiring managers, and all reviewers can leave comments on the candidate’s responses.

HireVue allows recruiters to rate candidates, share with hiring managers and evaluate applicants within the tool

Synchronous Final Interviews

Synchronous virtual interviews are similar to a Skype call or Google+ Hangout with a candidate. To conduct the interview, the employer again emails the candidate a link to a virtual interview “room,” along with a telephone call-in number. Then, once the candidate joins the interview room, the employer is able to interview the candidate in a “face-to-face” on-screen interview.

These software options also allow employers to include multiple people on the interview—in some cases up to 15 team members—and record the conversation. Most solutions even allow recruiters to record and forward the interview to other reviewers at the company, as well as rewind and fast-forward the conversation.

Common Features of Video Interviewing Software

Feature Description
Pre-recorded screening interviews Candidates complete prepared digital interviews online prior to any interaction with recruiters or hiring managers. Recruiters and hiring managers can sift through to see who are the best candidates quickly and easily on their own time, and share feedback before a live interview.
Live interviewing Recruiters can arrange live video interviews with prospective candidates in order to narrow down the pool a bit further before bringing in applicants to the office, saving all involved time and money. Many offer interview guides, real-time rating and evaluation tools and the option for multi-user panel interviews.
Skills validation Recruiters can use online tests of scenario based questions, images, video and work samples to assess candidate knowledge and capabilities before they even step foot in the office. This is especially useful for industries or professions like software engineers, healthcare and manufacturing. Team members can quickly review test results, validate skills in simulated environments and share the results with others.
Mobile app Many solutions offer the option of a mobile app that recruiters, and candidates, can download onto their smart phones or tablets to review or complete video interviews on the go.

How Is It Priced?

These systems generally follow two pricing models:

  • A subscription price for a certain number of interviews per month.
  • A standard price for each interview carried out.

Many companies base their monthly price on quantity of interviews conducted per month. Often the cost-per-interview will decrease as the volume increases. ActiveInterview, for example, charges $99 for five interviews per month, but only $299 for 20 interviews per month.

You should keep in mind that while the price per interview may decrease with volume, the overall monthly subscription price will likely rise.


Alternatively, some vendors, such as GreenJobInterview, charge for each interview separately. For a 30 minute interview, a company can expect to pay $69.

Best Software Evaluation Tactics

Deciding which type of video interviewing software to purchase can be an overwhelming prospect given the number of products on the market and the different pricing models. However, there are tactics your company can employ to make the process more efficient and effective.

We recently surveyed software buyers across various industries to determine which software selection tactics are the most effective. From this analysis, we discovered that the top methods for evaluating software include: checking vendor references, having an attorney review your license or subscription agreement, assessing the vendors’ financial viability and preparing an request for proposal (RFP) or request for information (RFI).

To help buyers visualize the data from the survey, we created a quadrant that plots each tactic along two axises; one, measuring the method’s correlation to high satisfaction, and the other showing its impact on the outcome of the project (or how different the results were between people who did and didn’t apply each tactic).

Software selection quadrant

By employing tactics in the “most effective” quadrant (and avoiding those in the “least effective” one), your company can streamline its software selection process and ensure you choose a system that best addresses your team’s needs.