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GuestPoint is an accommodation management platform that enables users to manage properties and bookings, from initial reservation to check-out. GuestPoint is suitable for hotels, motels, bed and breakfasts, guest houses and other ...Read more about GuestPoint

4.22 (25 reviews)

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eviivo Suite is an award-winning, cloud-based booking and property management platform powerfully built to optimize all reservations, guests and properties — whether a single room or multi-property portfolio — for hospitality owne...Read more about eviivo

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GraceSoft Easy InnKeeping

For hotels, condos, resorts and other short-term properties, Easy InnKeeping provides a cloud-based software suite that manages property operations, from reservations to marketing to financials in one single solution. Easy InnKeep...Read more about GraceSoft Easy InnKeeping

4.41 (54 reviews)

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Magpie Property Management

Magpie Hospitality Management Software is a multi-lingual cloud-based property management solution for hotels, motels, condo-hotels, inns, lodges, and B&Bs. Features include real-time accounting with QuickBooks Online; reservation...Read more about Magpie Property Management

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RoomKeyPMS is a cloud-based Property Management System that offers front office and property management capabilities, guest relationship management, an online booking engine, housekeeping, and more. The software stores data in the...Read more about RoomKeyPMS

4.14 (59 reviews)

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WebRezPro is a cloud-based hospitality property management solution designed specifically for the hospitality and hotel industry. The solution helps a broad range of hospitality segments including hotels, inns, lodges, cabins, cam...Read more about WebRezPro

4.66 (164 reviews)

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Hotelogix by HMS InfoTech is a cloud-based hotel management solution for hospitality businesses. The solution provides applications such as front desk operations, Point of Sale, housekeeping and more. Users can access the other mo...Read more about Hotelogix

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Infor HMS

Infor Hospitality Suite is used to manage a wide range of properties but is typically recommended for hotel chains, campgrounds, resorts, cruise lines, casinos and government lodges. The system offers integrated hospitality manage...Read more about Infor HMS

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Skyware Guest Management is a cloud-based property management solution designed to serve properties of all types and sizes including hotels, enterprises, resorts, inns, motels and boutiques. Skyware can also be installed as an ent...Read more about Skyware

4.25 (4 reviews)

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RMS Cloud

RMS is a global provider of innovative, cloud-based technology solutions for the outdoor hospitality industry. By offering business insights, best practices and user-friendly software, RMS enables campgrounds, National Parks, RV p...Read more about RMS Cloud

4.43 (386 reviews)

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Maestro PMS

Maestro is one of the leading providers of hospitality management systems (HMS) in a Web Browser Based or Windows solution, with flexibility to deploy the feature rich browser version in any environment including cloud-hosted, pri...Read more about Maestro PMS

4.26 (23 reviews)

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Resort Data Processing (RDP) offers customizable property management solution to meet operational and budgetary requirements of property owners. The solution serves a wide range of property types including hotels & resorts, condom...Read more about RDPWin

4.02 (80 reviews)

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innRoad's award-winning property management system is trusted by thousands of hoteliers across the globe. With this all in one solution, you can manage your property from any device, anywhere in the world. innRoad is designed to m...Read more about innRoad

4.51 (218 reviews)

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GuestSuites is a hotel and property management solution that services all lodging industries including hotels, resorts, luxury inns, B&Bs, state parks and campgrounds, hospitals, universities, government and armed forces facilitie...Read more about GuestSuites

4.83 (6 reviews)

Frontdesk Anywhere

Designed for the cloud and developed in San Francisco, Frontdesk Anywhere’s property management system was built for independent hotels, resorts, and management groups. There is nothing to install or download; only Internet access...Read more about Frontdesk Anywhere

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ResNexus is a cloud-based property management software that helps increase reservations and revenue. As an all-in-one solution, ResNexus provides a beautifully designed ADA compliant website and booking engine to increase direct b...Read more about ResNexus

4.74 (299 reviews)

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Base7booking is a cloud-based property management program designed for the hospitality industry. The solution is accessible from any mobile device. The program is suitable for running a single property or multiple locations simult...Read more about Base7booking

4.59 (87 reviews)

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Smart Hotel

Smart Hotel offers a hotel property management solution suitable for a wide variety of industry verticals like corporate hotels, resorts, retreats, wilderness lodges and marinas. It offers tools to manage central reservations, hou...Read more about Smart Hotel

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roomMaster by InnQuest is a cloud-based property management solution suitable for hotels including chains, independent hotels, business hotels, boutique properties and resort hotels of all sizes. On-premise deployments are also av...Read more about roomMaster

4.27 (64 reviews)

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Agilysys Stay

rGuest Stay is a cloud-based hotel property management solution by Agilysys that caters to businesses in the hospitality industry. It is designed for properties of all sizes and various types such as hotels, inns, lodges, casinos,...Read more about Agilysys Stay

4.33 (9 reviews)

Buyers Guide

Last Updated: November 23, 2022

They say that the first impression is the last impression.

For hotels (or the hospitality industry in general), this statement rings exceptionally true. Hotel front desks are the very first point of contact for customers, and a bad experience at this point can leave a long-lasting impression that will likely color their overall experience even if they get the best of facilities later.

Imagine this: an exhausted traveller walks into a hotel to find his bookings mixed up by the front desk staff and experiences a subsequent delay in getting another room. This experience is likely to be carried over during the rest of the stay even if the hotel staff tries to make up later.

A front desk software tool can help in preventing such scenarios. It can help front desk staff perform their duties competently and swiftly.

To help hotel owners pick the right front desk software, we have curated this guide with all the necessary information about the software.

Here is what we will cover:

What is hotel front desk software?

Hotel front desk software is a solution that enables hotel staff to manage all front desk functions from a single platform. They can manage functions such as online and offline reservations, check-ins and check-outs, rate lists, communications, etc.

The software helps users avoid manual errors while performing tasks and also prevents duplicate entries during reservations and bookings. 

Overview of room allotments in eZee Absolute

Overview of room allotments in eZee Absolute

Common features of hotel front desk software

Know the features offered by hotel front desk software in detail before you invest in one. Weigh them against your needs and proceed to purchase accordingly.

Reservation and bookings management Allow users to add or update bookings from different channels. They can process deposits and also check real-time reservation status to get an overview of all bookings.
Check-in and check-out management Allow the front desk staff to process customer check-ins and check-outs from a single tool.
Guest ID registration Let users upload guest ID documents into the system. IDs saved in the database can be retrieved at a later time for processing booking requests from repeat customers.
Communication tools Facilitate interactions between front desk staff and customers over multiple channels. The staff can send notifications about reservations, cancellations, check-ins, check-outs, etc. to guests using the software.
Rate management Give the front desk staff seamless access to real-time pricing information as well as the ability to create and update prices based on the season. They can also create promotional codes, custom packages, and provide rates with automatic tax calculations.
Notifications Provide automatic notifications to the staff about late arrivals, overstays, pending/modified bookings, cancellations, etc.

Housekeeping management

Allow housekeeping staff to input updates about a room and its supplies (for instance, the use of minibar). These details help the front desk staff process check-outs and be updated on the room’s availability for the next reservation.
Team management Assign staff members to different duties and shifts. Administrators can manage and supervise assigned tasks using the software.
Reporting and analytics Provide users with reports on payment delays, sales, revenue, occupancy levels, inventory details, and more to help them improve profitability.

What type of buyer are you?

Typically, there are two kinds of hotel front desk software buyers. Understanding the concerns of these two buyer groups will help you invest wisely in the software that aptly addresses your needs.

  • Single establishment owners: If you own a single-location establishment, you need a software tool that offers basic features such as reservation management, housekeeping management, rate management, and check-in and check-out management.
  • Multi-location hotel owners: If you own establishments at multiple locations or a hotel chain, you need a software solution that goes beyond the basic features. You would need advanced features such as reporting and analytics, multi-property management, and audit trails.

Benefits of hotel front desk software

Having a hotel front desk software tool has the following benefits:

  • Improves customer handling time: Hotel front desk software lets users handle customer check-ins, check-outs, and reservations swiftly. They are able to prevent errors and duplicate entries.
  • Boosts visibility: The front desk staff gets an upfront status of rooms (vacant, clean, occupied, reserved, etc.), staff responsibilities, and shift assignments from a single dashboard. This helps in better management of tasks, thereby improving customer satisfaction.

Key considerations

It’s important to consider the following factors when you are looking to invest in a hotel front desk software solution:

Ease of use: A hotel front desk tool must boost the efficiency of front desk staff, not increase their administrative burden. Therefore, the software must be easy to use to prevent the front desk staff from struggling while performing their duties. A free trial or demo of the potential purchase is a good way to gauge this factor.

Customer support: Every software has the potential to malfunction at some point during its life cycle. This can severely impact front desk operations once the staff starts relying on the software for all associated tasks. To avoid issues after implementation, ask the vendor about the level of customer support available and negotiate service level agreements.

Note: The applications selected in this article are examples to show a feature in context and are not intended as endorsements or recommendations. They have been obtained from sources believed to be reliable at the time of publication.