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AppointMate by Delta Health Technologies is a cloud-based home health solution that helps private duty businesses of all sizes to manage their business operations. It features scheduling, billing and payroll functionalities. ...Read more about AppointMate

3.61 (9 reviews)

Alora Home Health

Alora Home Health Software is a cloud-based, mobile-ready, solution designed to help manage all aspects of a home health care agency, including the clinical, operational, and financial components. As an all-in-one system, optimiz...Read more about Alora Home Health

4.57 (114 reviews)

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WellSky Personal Care

WellSky Personal Care (formerly known as ClearCare) offers a complete solution for private duty home care agencies that effectively manages the entire business, from client-facing functions to the back end. In addition to point of...Read more about WellSky Personal Care

4.47 (252 reviews)

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Crescendo is a cloud-based home health solution that integrates patient information across home health, hospice and private duty and helps users maintain patient-centric electronic medical records (EMR). It helps medical organizat...Read more about Crescendo

2.90 (5 reviews)

Visit Wizard

Visit Wizard by August Systems is a cloud-based home health solution for small and midsize agencies. Key features include clinical charting, employee scheduling, medicare billing, telephony and drug interactions. The solution can ...Read more about Visit Wizard

4.25 (4 reviews)


As home care’s trusted all-in-one software solution for both single and multi-location home care agencies, AxisCare provides back-office and point-of-care solutions that help agencies in all 50 states and 10 different countries st...Read more about AxisCare

4.65 (661 reviews)

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Developed by Home Care and technology professionals, MEDsys Software Solutions is the Complete Web-Based Management Software and Mobile EVV solution for Home Care. We believe software is not a one size fits all. With other softwar...Read more about MEDsys

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Carecenta is a cloud-based home care and adult day care management solution that helps users improve the lives of patients, coordinators and caregivers through next-generation technologies. The solution has an integrated suite of ...Read more about Carecenta

4.13 (24 reviews)

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Rosemark Home Care Management by Shoshana Technologies is a cloud-based healthcare solution for organizations in the homecare industry. The solution offers applications to keep track of patient information, billing, scheduling, ma...Read more about Rosemark

4.73 (92 reviews)

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KanTime Healthcare Software is an American based healthcare technology company that is the fastest-growing post-acute software provider in the nation with over 912,000 patients, 210,000 users, $12.9 billion in processed claims, an...Read more about KanTime

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CareVoyant for Home Care is an integrated enterprise-scale software platform for Home Health Care Agencies offering one or more home-based services – Private Duty Home Care, Private Duty Nursing, Non-Medical, Personal Care, Home a...Read more about CareVoyant

4.06 (41 reviews)

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Homecare Homebase

Homecare Homebase is a cloud-based automation solution for hospice and home care agencies. The solution provides real-time data exchange and communication between field staff, office and physicians. It offers interoperability with...Read more about Homecare Homebase

2.67 (46 reviews)

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MBO HomeCare

MBO HomeCare is a cloud-based home health solution that allows home health, private duty and hospice agencies of any size to manage resource allocation and staff scheduling. Users can generate multi-stop routes for multiple travel...Read more about MBO HomeCare

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HHAeXchange offers a cloud agency management solution for Medicaid and private duty agencies. Integrated applications for billing and payroll, HR and compliance, workforce management and mobile help users to manage clients and car...Read more about HHAeXchange

3.94 (68 reviews)

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FieldSync Health

FieldSync Health is a home health care solution that documents patient care and manages staff activities for clients, including home health agencies and therapy providers. Users can enter a daily task list with each patient’s...Read more about FieldSync Health

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AdaCare is a cloud-based home care scheduling system. Features include smart scheduling, marketing, client & staff management, EVV clock in & out by telephone or GPS, digital signatures, billing and payroll tools, care plans & ADL...Read more about AdaCare

4.64 (81 reviews)

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Savii Care

Savii Care is a cloud-based solution that caters to the needs of home health caregivers, supervisors and managers. The solution offers tools including point of care, patient billing and scheduling, accounting and more. It offers o...Read more about Savii Care

4.15 (13 reviews)


ViolaCare is a cloud-based solution designed for non-skilled home care agencies and adult day care facilities of all sizes. It includes point of care, billing, scheduling and human resources applications. ViolaCare enables pr...Read more about ViolaCare

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CareSmartz360 is an integrated cloud-based solution designed to manage private duty agencies. Included in the suite are point of care, EVV, billing, scheduling, accounting, reporting, training, HR, CRM, telephony and more. The sys...Read more about CareSmartz360

4.66 (79 reviews)

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Ankota Home Care is a cloud-based home care solution for providers of all sizes. Ankota offers caregiver management, client management, authorizations, care plans, scheduling, timekeeping, billing and payroll. Ankota is designed f...Read more about Ankota

4.14 (7 reviews)

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Buyers Guide

Last Updated: November 10, 2022

In response to hospitals’ rising inpatient healthcare costs, many seniors, people living with disabilities, and individuals recovering from an illness or injury turn to private duty home care agencies for assistance. Private duty is a broad care category that includes all types of in-home care that assist clients with their daily lives. Private duty care software is an all-in-one solution that simplifies caregiver management and administrative operations which in turn helps care providers increase client satisfaction and profitability.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

What is private duty care software?

Private duty care software is a specialized category of general home health software. This software solution gives private duty home care agencies the ability to streamline workflows and automate processes to save time, increase revenue, and eliminate the errors inherent in paper-based operations. It offers comprehensive features that assist non-medical care providers with scheduling, record keeping, billing, electronic visit verification (EVV), and interagency communication.


Common features of private duty care software

While features vary from product to product, private duty care software typically offers some or all of the following functionality:

Billing and invoicing Create and manage bills, invoices, and other monetary interactions. Integration with scheduling and payroll simplifies the process of calculating client billing, which improves cash flow and enhances profitability.
Caregiver scheduling Plan availability and manage schedules by hour, shift, or visit. Optimize caregiver assignments by scheduling visits based on caregiver skills, care plans, and client needs.
Care plan management Manage the treatment and coordination between care providers and clients. Create custom care plans detailing caregiver expectations and client goals related to the quality of life they hope to achieve.
Client management Streamline the management of clients with fast and easy access to all client information. Access contact history, payer information, bill rates, caregiver skill requirements, assessments, and service plans to effectively manage interactions with current clients.
Payroll management Track and process employee payroll with an integrated system. Implement electronic visit verification (EVV) to allow real-time reporting of shift start and end times to increase payroll accuracy and easily verify total billable hours spent during the shift.

What type of buyer are you?

Choosing the best private duty care software starts with understanding what kind of buyer you are. Most buyers fall into one of the following categories:

Startups: Resource management is a primary concern when first starting your own private duty care business. Look for affordable, user-friendly solutions that can grow with you. Billing and invoicing tools will help ensure accurate claims and quick billing turnaround to increase cash flow. Private duty encompasses several different types of care, so startups benefit from tools that increase efficiency with payroll, billing, scheduling, and care plan management across multiple lines of service.

Independent caregivers: Private duty care software helps independent caregivers streamline services and manage finances. Look for features that keep you on track with appointments, expenses, and clients. Care plan management tools make it easy to detail expected caregiving tasks, specific work hours, and client needs.

Home care agencies: Agency owners and managers benefit from tools that help manage caregivers, clients, and back-office operations. Look for software solutions that streamline agency processes from scheduling, billing, payroll, visit documentation, and care plan management. These features help agencies develop efficient, productive workflows that enhance caregiver and client satisfaction.

Benefits and potential issues

Private duty care software offers a variety of benefits to non-medical home care agencies and the clients they serve:

  • Verify accuracy with billing, invoicing, and payroll: EVV systems increase visibility to the delivery and management of care. Digital care records verify caregiver timesheets, document visit notes, and ensure plan compliance. Verifying home care visits at the point of care helps to eliminate billing fraud attempts and improves the quality of life for private duty care clients.
  • Increase caregiver retention: The home care industry has high turnover rates, but software features such as caregiver scheduling and care plan management can improve retention. These features enhance flexible scheduling options and maintain a high degree of client/caregiver compatibility, both of which are key to improving caregiver satisfaction. Mobile solutions for timesheets, task tracking, visit notes, and assessments means caregivers spend less time on manual paperwork and more time with clients.
  • Ensure regulatory compliance: As providers coordinate care, they must stay in compliance with ever-evolving regulations. While services covered by Medicaid vary from state to state, many states cover non-medical private duty care through regular Medicaid or a Medicaid waiver. Comprehensive billing and invoicing features support evolving requirements for Medicare, Medicaid, Medicaid Waiver, insurance, and private payers.

Market trends to understand

Private duty care is a key growth area for the in-home care industry. According to the Global Coalition on Aging, the majority of Americans ages 65 years or older want to stay home as much as possible. As the population of clients needing non-medical care grows, it will drive job creation and economic growth for care providers. Leveraging private duty care software technologies helps care providers improve service delivery and client outcomes, keeping them competitive in a growing market.

Mobile integrations streamline processes. Cloud-based software solutions provide convenient access to patient and caregiver data from mobile devices. Caregivers are typically remote, and mobile accessibility means they spend less time on manual paperwork or typing information on a desktop computer. A centralized location for all agency data improves communication between caregivers and support staff, which reduces the amount of administrative support needed to manage operational processes.