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Synchroteam is a cloud-based field service management and scheduling solution that caters to businesses of all sizes in field service industry that includes cleaning services, construction, electrical and HVAC. Synchroteam fe...Read more about Synchroteam

4.43 (58 reviews)


Yelo is a food delivery software designed to help businesses create multi-vendor marketplaces to sell goods and provide services. The platform provides a geofencing feature, which enables administrators to automatically detect cus...Read more about Yelo

3.69 (32 reviews)


Software for micro to middle-sized businesses offering cleaning services: Maid Service, Home Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning, House Cleaning Companies, Property Management Service Providers, Residential Cleaning Companies, and others. H...Read more about Houseservice365

4.50 (2 reviews)


Track and monitor facility and distributed assets (both company and customer-owned) with KloudGin’s Enterprise Asset Management. Manage asset groupings, locate and document assets, set preventive schedules, and work plans, execute...Read more about KloudGin

4.40 (5 reviews)

2 recommendations

Service Fusion

Service Fusion is an all-in-one, cloud-based field service management software. It caters to service contractors and businesses of all sizes across multiple industries. Service Fusion offers field service management, VoIP phone so...Read more about Service Fusion

4.37 (165 reviews)

70 recommendations

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Transform your business with ServiceTitan's all-in-one software solution for residential and commercial field service businesses. With powerful tools that can increase revenue , supercharge your team, and provide real-time insight...Read more about ServiceTitan

4.35 (195 reviews)

55 recommendations

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Bella FSM

Bella FSM is a cloud-based field service management system designed for business owners, managers, field employees and technicians. It offers customer management, scheduling and dispatch, work order management, billing and invoici...Read more about Bella FSM

3.86 (7 reviews)

Housecall Pro

Housecall Pro is a cloud-based field service management app for service professionals to automate workflows and streamline technician dispatch. This solution includes a native mobile app and complementary web portal and serves a w...Read more about Housecall Pro

4.72 (2669 reviews)

69 recommendations

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WorkWave Service

WorkWave Service is a cloud-based field service solution. It offers mobile and desktop applications to connect field workers to the office to provide visibility into what’s happening in the field. The mobile applications allow fie...Read more about WorkWave Service

3.16 (49 reviews)

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Vonigo is a cloud-based field service solution for service businesses of all sizes. The solution's suite of applications is designed to help businesses manage day-to-day operations of service-based organizations, such as cleaning ...Read more about Vonigo

4.65 (72 reviews)

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Scheduling Manager

Scheduling Manager from Thoughtful Systems is complete management tool designed for service business owners. Key features include customer relationship management (CRM), customer information management, employee information manage...Read more about Scheduling Manager

4.41 (22 reviews)

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Less Paper

Less Paper Co. provides configurable cloud-based work order management solutions that help businesses manage scheduling, inventory, vendors, pricing, purchase orders and more. Less Paper Co. enables users to create, dispatch ...Read more about Less Paper

4.86 (21 reviews)

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OctopusPro is a cloud-based field service management solution that enables users to manage mobile workforces and track inquiries, quotes, bookings, invoices, payments and customer interactions. OctopusPro provides users sched...Read more about OctopusPro

4.33 (3 reviews)


Trying to manage your field service team with pen and paper or Excel spreadsheets? Workiz is designed for growing field service teams who need to streamline their business. We provide an all-in-one platform that makes scheduling,...Read more about Workiz

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ServiceWorks is a cloud-based solution that helps businesses manage field employees and service delivery operations. Key features include inventory management, route optimization, customer feedback, alerts/notifications, data stor...Read more about ServiceWorks

3.84 (50 reviews)

18 recommendations

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Learn why thousands of service contractors choose FieldPulse for its robust functionality, ease of use, and topnotch support. FieldPulse is an all-in-one application for service contractors to manage their business. Customer Ma...Read more about FieldPulse

4.58 (60 reviews)

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Marketing 360

Marketing 360 is a cloud-based marketing platform suited for entrepreneurs as well as small and midsize businesses. This solution allows organizations to run social media advertising campaigns, conduct search engine optimization (...Read more about Marketing 360

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Kickserv is a cloud-based field service management solution that provides small businesses, tools and functionalities, which help them to manage leads, estimates, team's schedules, jobs, invoices and payments. Kickserv can be ta...Read more about Kickserv

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ManageMart is a field service management solution that helps businesses in landscaping, HVAC, plumbing, lawn care, and other industry segments streamline processes related to customer management, invoicing, scheduling, accounting,...Read more about ManageMart

4.33 (3 reviews)

Book Like A Boss

Book Like A Boss is a SaaS appointment scheduling solution that helps businesses create an online booking page to manage sales and paid bookings. It lets organizations automatically synchronize calendar entries, display booking av...Read more about Book Like A Boss

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Buyers Guide

Last Updated: November 22, 2022

Carpet cleaning software falls under the larger umbrella of field service solutions that are based on work orders. It helps to facilitate the scheduling and tracking of jobs, billing and payment collection, communication and more.

This guide will cover the various features of carpet cleaning software that help field service and carpet cleaning companies operate more effectively and efficiently.

Here's what we'll cover:

What Is Carpet Cleaning Software?
Common Features of Carpet Cleaning Software
What Type of Buyer Are You?
Benefits and Key Considerations

What Is Carpet Cleaning Software?

You may be asking why you need specialized software to manage a small or even midsize carpet cleaning business. The main reason is that it can simplify most time-consuming tasks, such as responding to customer emails and calls. It can also reduce the risk of missed appointments and help you with staff scheduling.

Using separate tools to manage your service requests, track accounts and schedule employees can take a lot of time and increase the chance of human error.

Carpet cleaning Software with GPS tracking; Housecall Pro

GPS tracking in Housecall Pro

By integrating these tasks on one single platform, you can see the exact state of your business more clearly. Moreover, some software options also provide smartphone apps, so your staff can update a job's status from the field.

An integrated software platform can increase efficiency and reduce overhead costs in the long run. It can also eliminate paperwork and provide a more reliable record of job history and customer accounts.


Common Features of Carpet Cleaning Software

Here are some common features of carpet cleaning software:

Work order management Organize work order requests to make accurate estimates or proposals for each job. Helps prioritize and schedule jobs and invoice customers.
Workflow management Manage workflow by the day, week and month by syncing your work calendar to the work order management feature. This will help you schedule employees based on their availability, task duration, travel time to the job site etc. Some solutions also include timesheets and time-tracking.
Invoicing, billing and payments Keep an accurate record of each job for easier payment. A payments platform securely stores crucial data such as credit card information for recurring payments. You can also track balance amounts and payments due. Generate invoices on site using mobile invoicing functionality.
Client communication Send clients emails, text messages or alerts about new work requests, upcoming appointments or completed jobs. Keep records of past invoices, emails, texts, phone calls etc. Offer work request forms through your website and social media channels.
Customer relationship management Maintain a detailed database of customers, contractors, property owners etc. Customer relationship management (CRM) software helps you track existing clients, leads and sales opportunities, as well as potential customers.
Routing and scheduling Create accurate estimates of job schedules (based on time for a task) and routes (grouped by zip codes) for efficiency. GPS tracking can integrate schedules with maps, making it easy to locate employees.
Equipment tracking Track the status of equipment to maintain accurate and complete service records. This helps you schedule regular maintenance and manage your current schedule based on which equipment is available.
Reporting and analysis Gain insights over time on how the business is performing through reports and analytics that track schedules, revenue, expenses, routes and more.

What Type of Buyer Are You?

What your carpet cleaning business needs in a software platform will depend on your size, number of employees and other factors. Here are a few common types of cleaning businesses, and what they should look for in a software platform.

Single-person cleaning business. These businesses are restricted by geography and manpower. Solutions that offer robust mobile apps are ideal, so you can manage your business while in the field.

Multiperson business. A multiperson business usually has two or more service employees, a manager/owner and possibly other support employees, such as a receptionist. At this size, a detailed workflow management tool is essential, so the admin user can track schedules, jobs, changes and customer queries and requests.

Contractor or third-party service provider. These businesses mediate between customers and cleaning companies. They may work with one or more cleaning businesses, which would require multiuser access and more than one admin account.

Multilocation business. While the above business types may be largely focused in one particular geographic area, multilocation cleaning businesses require a more complex setup. They may also need their cleaning software to integrate with other systems, such as human resource management, accounting or help desk software.

Benefits and Key Considerations

Carpet cleaning companies can benefit greatly by using software that helps them run their business more efficiently and increase revenue. Here are some of the top benefits:

  • Avoid costly scheduling errors. Creating schedules manually is time-consuming, and it can also be costly if there are errors. Software can automatically account for how long a job will take, based on the average time spent on tasks earlier. Real-time routing can help employees avoid traffic jams or being late for a job.
  • Increase efficiency. Automation helps you eliminate redundant processes and reduces manual effort and time. You can save tons of money by cutting down on administrative work.
  • Improve customer satisfaction levels. An organized schedule lets you focus on each job without having to rush from/to other jobs, which can affect how satisfied customers feel. Also, customers will appreciate having the ability to schedule appointments through your website or social media channels.

While these benefits can help transform your business, be sure to do your due diligence when choosing the right software for your needs. Keep in mind the total cost of any software option, and whether it requires a one-time fee or an ongoing subscription.

You will also want to schedule enough time to thoroughly research any software option you're considering, and to schedule demos with multiple vendors. Also, be sure to budget time for software setup and installation, and to train staff on the new software.