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Insightly is a SaaS-based CRM solution targeted at growing mid-sized businesses. More than 1.5 million users worldwide use Insightly to securely manage all their customer data in one place, build customer relationships, accelerate...Read more about Insightly

3.99 (574 reviews)

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CallProof is a cloud-based lead tracking solution that helps businesses automate sales reporting operations in real-time. Key features for field salespeople include customer tracking, multiple routes support, google calendar integ...Read more about CallProof

4.13 (24 reviews)

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Workbooks offers growing companies a SaaS platform to run their business and engage with their customers – at an affordable price. Workbooks designs, develops and implements its own software, which is targeted specifically at mid-...Read more about Workbooks

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Built for business intelligence operations, MapBusinessOnline is a cloud-based sales mapping solution that allows businesses of all sizes to manage sales territories, explore new market opportunities, and optimize sales operations...Read more about MapBusinessOnline

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SalesRabbit is a cloud-based sales enablement and customer relationship management software designed to help outside sales teams manage sales in the field. The software and mobile app include a suite of features for each lev...Read more about SalesRabbit

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Map My Customers

Built for field sales. Map My Customers gives reps the tools they need to prioritize their day, follow-up with customers, and prospect from the road. ...Read more about Map My Customers

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ZooM is a mobile sales force automation platform that helps retail, distribution, manufacturing, wellness and other businesses manage on-site agents, invoices, orders, deals or promotions and more. The sale route management module...Read more about ZooM

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Helping top brands in 50 countries, Outfield is a field sales and route planning solution that allows businesses to streamline and optimize field sales and marketing, territory management, route planning, and account mapping opera...Read more about Outfield

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LionO360 CRM

LionO360 is a complete solution that empowers small and medium-sized businesses to automate business processes. Our four powerful modules help you increase productivity and drive progress while streamlining communications. Un...Read more about LionO360 CRM

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Bid Track Sell

Bid Track Sell is a customer relationship management system built on the Salesforce platform that helps businesses handle operations related to sales, commissions, suppliers, customers and more. The centralized dashboard enables m...Read more about Bid Track Sell

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Veloxy is a sales enablement solution that helps businesses using Salesforce CRM track potential leads, schedule and send emails to customers in bulk and share product information with prospective clients in real-time. The artific...Read more about Veloxy

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Wingman is a conversation intelligence tool that helps sales teams with pipeline visibility, actionable insights, & real-time coaching. Wingman gives sales reps the right information at the right time, while they are on a cal...Read more about Wingman

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Designed and developed exclusively for student-specialist marketers and recruiters, Akero helps you improve marketing performance and increase student enrollments. It’s an easy-to-use, subscription-based platform that sits as an e...Read more about Akero

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Maptive is a mapping solution that helps businesses create sales territories based on multiple methodologies, including boundary mapping, heatmaps and demographic mapping, among other categories. It allows users to use a drag-and-...Read more about Maptive

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Xactly AlignStar

Designed to automate and optimize territory design and planning, Xactly AlignStar is an intelligent cloud-based sales territory mapping solution that allows sales teams to discover new opportunities and increase productivity. Xact...Read more about Xactly AlignStar

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GeoMetrx is an online sales and territory mapping solution that enables franchise organizations, retailers, restaurants, marketing agencies, and sales teams to transform static business data into dynamic informative visualizations...Read more about GeoMetrx

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As a mapping platform, Maptitude utilizes GIS technology and spatial analysis to assist businesses with analyzing and understanding how geography affects business operations. Maptitude allows businesses to visualize customer and d...Read more about Maptitude

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Trusted by Fortune 500 companies, AlignMix is a sales territory mapping solution that is designed to help sales teams manage sales territories for geographical or account-based realignment. With AlignMix's TouchAlign technology, s...Read more about AlignMix

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EasyTerritory is a web-based mapping solution designed to assist field and service teams with sales territory management, capacity planning, and geospatial business intelligence. Built for integration with Dynamics 365, Power BI, ...Read more about EasyTerritory

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Salesforce Maps

Formerly MapAnything, Salesforce Maps is a cloud-based field service and sales platform that allows users to streamline operations and automate business processes. Salesforce Maps is used in industries such as financial services, ...Read more about Salesforce Maps

4.47 (19 reviews)

Buyers Guide

Last Updated: November 24, 2022


Sales teams often schedule important meetings at a client’s location to show off their products and services in person. While first impressions matter, being on-time for product demonstrations can also positively impact the success of a salesperson.

It’s equally important to efficiently navigate the surrounding sales area and make as many meetings as possible for a productive day. And for teams who cover a large geographic area, this may include several individual sales territories.

A sales mapping system can organize all of these factors into a single map that managers and sales professionals can use to evenly divide territories, add pins and details for specific clients, and optimize driving routes to increase sales and manage valuable client relationships.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

What is sales mapping software?

Sales mapping software gives sales teams customizable maps to manage customer and prospective client locations across a large geographic area, including contact and demographic details for customers, established territories for each sales person, and collaboration tools.

Mobile sales people can use the system to plan out their day of appointments and generate an optimized route with turn-by-turn directions to meet with as many valuable customers as possible each day.

A map view with color-coded pins as shown in Badger

Many systems also include mobile accessibility through a native app or via an internet browser on a smartphone or tablet. This allows salespeople in the field to collaborate with managers at the main office, and adapt routes and information to client schedules quickly.

Common features of sales mapping software

Sales mapping Generate a map for the sales area for use by mobile salespeople and managers.
Geographic information system (GIS) Capture spatial and geographic data to create customized maps in the system with multiple customizable layers.
Route optimization Select customer locations to get an optimized route to each stop, considering traffic patterns and priority clients.
Reporting and analytics Analyze data entered into the sales mapping system to reveal trends that may impact routes and sales goals.
Map drawing tools Allow users to add custom icons, additional layers, and notes on existing sales maps.
Data integration Integrate data from calendars, sales systems, ERPs, and other software.
CRM integration Integrate customer data into the mapping system to assign customer profiles to specific locations.
Turn-by-turn navigation Provide sales professionals with turn-by-turn directions for the optimized route.
Access management Manage which roles or individuals in your company can access and modify public and custom maps.
Sales tracking View and track the sales progress of each employee via a map.
Appointment scheduling Schedule appointments with clients for multiple salespeople that can feed into maps and inform the most efficient routes.
Territory management Establish boundaries for territories for each salesperson to efficiently cover an area in a city or state.

What type of buyer are you?

  • Subscription delivery services: The online and delivery subscription model is popular with small businesses and established enterprises alike and are growing despite massive disruptions to operations and supply chains. Aside from direct sales meetings, sales mapping software can also be used to manage delivery schedules, especially for time-sensitive items, such as food and catering services.
  • Software and technology sales: Certain types of sales typically include in-person meetings and demonstrations, such as technology and software sales, so clients can feel more confident in their investment. These types of vendors use sales mapping software to ensure they optimize routes and maximize the valuable face-to-face time with potential customers.
  • Wholesale and direct-to-consumer: Several manufacturers are cutting out the middleman to sell products directly to buyers, giving them more control over the marketing and delivery of items. This requires companies to develop a reliable delivery strategy, but also a method to drive wholesale deals using mobile salespeople.
  • Field services: Companies that provide various types of field services also utilize sales mapping software, including food and beverage replenishment, telecom asset management, maintenance crews, or home health services. These professionals commonly cover large areas to service customers and can make additional sales or change service preferences while at the job site, using a sales mapping system to make tweaks in the field.

Benefits and potential issues

  • Increased sales per employee: Mobile salespeople who use sales mapping software can meet with more clients in a single day than those without optimized routes. Plus, managers back at the office can collaborate with sales professionals in the field to make adjustments based on traffic, no-show appointments, and other factors.
  • More efficient use of transportation resources: Any business that needs to manage a fleet of vehicles knows that fuel, maintenance, and storage costs make up a significant portion of budgets. This is where sales mapping software can be used to reduce these expenses by providing the most efficient routes.
  • Serves as a sales-focused CRM: Customer relationship management (CRM) software is an invaluable tool for sales teams to manage contact information for hundreds or thousands of clients. This useful data can also be stored within a sales mapping system and tied to individual pins for a more visual view of clients and their locations.
  • Integrated with Google Maps: Most modern sales mapping software leverages Google Maps to generate accurate geographic information for sales professionals. Other application programming interfaces (APIs) are available as well, but companies should monitor how other sales teams navigate and use the maps that are regularly updated.

Market trends to understand

  • Popular mobility features drive efficiency: Mobility is now a major advantage for several industries—maintenance crews, construction managers, and field service workers get more done in a single day by using a full-featured system at their fingertips, no matter where the job is. Sales teams can now use sales mapping software to maintain communication with managers and other salespeople to adapt as client schedules and traffic change throughout a day.
  • Boost to mobile shopping is an opportunity for service providers:Recent Gartner research shows that more than 60% of smartphone owners use the devices to browse and shop online, a number that’s growing rapidly due to the pandemic. Retailers and other ecommerce businesses are scrambling to provide an engaging mobile experience, and service providers should adopt a digital strategy to meet the demand of these consumers.