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What is it ticketing systems?

IT Ticketing software allows your IT department to track and consolidate support requests from your team in one easy-to-manage location. This type of software is extremely common, and goes by many different names: incident management software, incident tracking software and trouble ticket software are just a few examples.
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Pivotal CRM

Pivotal CRM is an on-premise customer relationship management (CRM) solution that caters to businesses of all sizes, helping them manage various CRM processes. It includes marketing automation, lead management, sales force automat...Read more about Pivotal CRM

3.57 (7 reviews)

NetSuite CRM

NetSuite CRM+ is a cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) solution for small and midsize organizations. NetSuite caters to thousands of customers across a wide range of industries including wholesale distribution, manu...Read more about NetSuite CRM

3.93 (190 reviews)

61 recommendations

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FrontRunners 2022

SysAid is a cloud-based IT Service Management, service desk and help desk solution that helps users in businesses of all sizes across various industries resolve technology-related issues. Key features include help desk automation,...Read more about SysAid

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SoftVu is a cloud-based marketing automation solution designed to help financial services automate their marketing operations. It caters to small and mid-size businesses. SoftVu’s marketing automation solution offers lead scoring,...Read more about Volly

3.00 (1 reviews)


FrontRunners 2022

NICE inContact is cloud-based call center software that helps businesses to maximize the quality of leads and minimize the cost of client interaction. The solution comprises many features required to process inbound support reques...Read more about NICE CXone

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Zendesk Suite

FrontRunners 2022

Zendesk is a cloud-based help desk management solution offering customizable tools to build customer service portal, knowledge base and online communities. The solution offers a customizable front-end portal, live chat features an...Read more about Zendesk Suite

4.39 (3259 reviews)

1 recommendations

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SAP Customer Experience

SAP Customer Experience is a cloud-based customer relationship management solution that helps small and mid-size businesses manage communication and interactions with existing and potential customers. It helps businesses to manage...Read more about SAP Customer Experience

4.19 (212 reviews)

1 recommendations

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Maximizer CRM

FrontRunners 2022

Maximizer CRM is an integrated customer relationship management (CRM) solution suitable for organizations of all sizes across various industries. This solution can be deployed on both on-premise and in the cloud. Maximizer CR...Read more about Maximizer CRM

4.02 (339 reviews)

50 recommendations

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PlanPlus Online

PlanPlus Online uses the Franklin Covey business planning methodology to help organizations and professionals in real estate, insurance and finance sectors manage both time and customers. The system provides an all-in-one sol...Read more about PlanPlus Online

3.95 (85 reviews)

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ServiceWise by TechExcel is a cloud-based IT Service Management(ITSM) solution that caters to businesses of all sizes and helps them to automate and streamline their IT services and help desk activities with configurable workflows...Read more about ServiceWise

4.67 (6 reviews)

Mothernode CRM

Mothernode CRM is a SaaS-based CRM solution designed to help small and midsized businesses manage customer relationships and create effective sales process. With Mothernode CRM, individuals and sales teams alike have a system that...Read more about Mothernode CRM

4.79 (55 reviews)

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Web+Center is a suite of open source, customizable help desk solutions for IT organizations in almost any industry. The web-based help desk application can be run on-site or in the cloud. With access to 100% of the source code, or...Read more about Web+Center

5.00 (1 reviews)


FrontRunners 2022

Freshdesk is a cloud-based customer service software that helps businesses provide effortless service across every customer touchpoint. Freshdesk empowers businesses to monitor customer conversations across email, phone, chat, soc...Read more about Freshdesk

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Logicbox is cloud-based business management software that is suitable for small to midsize companies in a variety of industries. It offers a suite of business management modules and functions that can be configured to incorpo...Read more about LogicBox

4.50 (49 reviews)

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Help Scout

FrontRunners 2022

Help Scout is a dedicated customer support platform built for growing teams to deliver best-in-class customer service. When you sign up you get access to an entire suite of tools, all optimized specifically for customer support. ...Read more about Help Scout

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Soffront CRM

Soffront CRM is an on-premise customer relationship management solution that caters to small and mid-size organizations across various industries. Soffront CRM helps businesses streamline and optimize all customer-related activity...Read more about Soffront CRM

4.31 (24 reviews)

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Enghouse eKMS

Now part of Enghouse Interactive, SmartSupport Knowledge Management Solutions is a plug-and-play knowledge base solution that caters to businesses of all sizes across various industries. The solution lets users streamline customer...Read more about Enghouse eKMS

4.21 (12 reviews)


ProBusinessTools is a cloud-based service management solution suitable for companies of all sizes. ProBusinessTools helps streamline the service process, from scheduling and dispatching to managing inventory, technicians, reportin...Read more about ProBusinessTools

4.58 (12 reviews)


InfoFlo is an integrated CRM solution that can be accessed online or installed on-premise. The system provides contact management, computer telephony integration, marketing and sales automation, and customer support. Users also ha...Read more about InfoFlo

4.48 (90 reviews)

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Commence CRM is a cloud-based customer relationship management(CRM) solution that caters to small and mid-size businesses and helps them to manage communication with existing and potential customers. The solution includes various ...Read more about Commence

4.86 (44 reviews)

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Buyers Guide

Last Updated: November 24, 2022


As a business, you use a range of digital systems. To ensure the smooth functioning of these systems, you need a support team to resolve IT issues such as system bugs and software glitches.

You can help your support team be more effective at their job by investing in an IT ticketing system. IT ticketing software automatically assigns incoming IT requests to the right service desk agent, helping your support team tackle IT requests from employees as well as customers.

This guide will help you better understand the role of IT ticketing systems. It’ll explain how they fit into a general IT services management strategy, as well as what to consider when purchasing an IT help desk ticketing system.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

What is an IT ticketing system?
Common features of an IT ticketing system
What type of buyer are you?
Key considerations when purchasing an IT ticketing system

What is an IT ticketing system?

IT ticketing software allows your IT department to track and consolidate support requests from your team in one easy-to-manage location. This type of software is extremely common and goes by many different names. Incident management software, incident tracking software, trouble ticket software, IT helpdesk software, and helpdesk ticketing system are just a few examples.

Though there can be slight functional differences, all of these systems typically serve the following purposes:

  • Assign individual case numbers, or “tickets,” to each problem or issue reported by an end user.
  • Help process that ticket by assigning it to the support agent or department whose responsibility it is to address the particular problem it identifies.
  • Track the progress of the ticket as internal teams work toward a resolution.
  • Coordinate the work of different teams and the end user or customer, based on the ticket’s level of priority.
  • Provide a centralized, real-time view of the problems customers are having.
  • Offer insights into developing problems and help companies plan for future service needs.

TeamSupport Dashboard

Tracking the status of customer support tickets in TeamSupport (Source)

Common features of an IT ticketing system

While IT ticketing systems come in a variety of industry-specific platforms (more on those below), there’s a group of core features common to most. These include:

Ticket creation Allows tickets to be created by employees (or, occasionally, end users) to initiate a service request. Some platforms can automatically create tickets from emailed service requests.
Ticket ownership Maintains a record of each ticket’s ownership status, showing which agents have previously collaborated on it and which party is ultimately responsible for its resolution.
Automated handling Ticket ownership is updated and (re-)assigned automatically, based on a company’s specific workflow and predetermined conditions.
Policy enforcement Ticket policy enforcement helps make sure employees follow company policies and procedures. For example, it ensures they’ve completed all the necessary steps before opening, closing, or reassigning a ticket.
Knowledge base A knowledge base is a centralized repository of information that agents can refer to, learn from, and add to when handling tickets and collaborating with co-workers.
Reporting and analytics These tools measure the company’s ticket processing and provide insights into, for example, changes in ticket volume (which may suggest problems with a product) or the productivity of employees working on different types of tickets.
Custom fields The ability to add custom fields to IT tickets lets companies tailor and expand the system’s capabilities to their own specific needs, the needs of their industry, or the needs of customers.

What type of buyer are you?

To make the right software purchase decision, you need to understand which buyer group you belong to and the group’s key concerns. Most buyers belong to the following categories:

  • Small and midsize businesses (fewer than 1,000 employees): These buyers are usually looking for an affordable solution that serves as a ticket management system for resolving employee or customer queries regarding IT issues. A cloud-based IT ticketing system with a low monthly or annual subscription fee is an ideal option for these buyers.
  • Enterprise buyers (1,000+ employees): These buyers are usually looking for a full-suite helpdesk ticketing system that comes with advanced functionality, such as the ability to add custom fields to tickets. They also need a system that offers integration capabilities with tools such as human resources (HR) software for faster tracking and assigning of tickets.

Key considerations when purchasing an IT ticketing system

There are many different kinds of IT ticketing systems available on the market. To find the right one for your business, keep these considerations in mind:

  • Niche ticketing management needs: IT ticketing systems are often bundled with other software applications and suites. However, a niche ticketing system can be beneficial for certain business use cases. For instance, if you’re a software development company then a bug tracking solution, which offers ticketing functionality, can be your choice for servicing customer tickets.
  • Employee service vs. customer service: If you’re looking for a ticketing management system to manage service requests from only employees, then help desk software can be useful as it bundles an IT ticketing system. But if you want a ticket system to help your customer support team handle customer issues effectively, then using customer service software would be a better choice.
  • Total cost of software ownership: The cost of IT support ticket software can rise when you want more features, such as live chat and a self service portal, besides ticket management. There can also be additional costs for services such as priority customer support, training, and user onboarding. Clarify all such costs during vendor discussions, so there aren’t any last-minute surprises.

Note: The application selected in this article is an example to show a feature in context and is not intended as an endorsement or a recommendation. It was obtained from sources believed to be reliable at the time of publication.