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Procore manages your projects, resources, and financials from project planning to closeout. The platform connects every project contributor with the owner and general or specialty contractor. The centralized dashboard allows manag...Read more about Procore

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Digital Time Capture

DTC Construction solution from Digital Time Capture helps contractors track labor, material, and equipment information from the field. It allows companies to invoice their clients accurately and enable receipt of undisputed paymen...Read more about Digital Time Capture

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Buildertrend provides pre-sale tools including a built-in customer relationship management (CRM) system, bid requests, project proposals, plus more. Project management tools include scheduling, budgeting, timesheets, and more. Cus...Read more about Buildertrend

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EADOC is a cloud-based construction management and project collaboration application designed for facility owners and construction managers. The software provides real-time access to project data including drawings, schedules, ins...Read more about EADOC

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Achieve the business outcomes most important to you with Projectmates, the cloud-based construction project management software that’s powerful yet easy to use. Projectmates empowers you to manage the entire project life cycle – f...Read more about Projectmates

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InEight provides field-tested project management software for the owners, contractors, engineers and architects who are building the world around us. Over 400,000 users and more than 850 customers worldwide rely on InEight for rea...Read more about InEight

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Oracle Aconex

Oracle Aconex is a cloud-based operation management solution for managing information and processes between companies on complex construction and engineering projects. Several functions include document management, workflow automa...Read more about Oracle Aconex

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PMWeb is an all-in-one portfolio, program and project management construction software solution geared toward enterprise-level owner organizations. PMWeb serves organizations worldwide across a broad spectrum of industries includi...Read more about PMWeb

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RedTeam Go

RedTeam Go is a simple, end-to-end construction project management software designed to optimize your business for a better day, every day. Minimize Stress - All Your Data in One Place - Automatic Reminders - Bids Convert Into Co...Read more about RedTeam Go

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Owner Insite

Owner Insite is a nationally recognized construction project & facility management software company. The company was founded in 2009 in Austin, Texas. Owner Insite’s software-as-a-service (SaaS) empowers key personnel and leaders...Read more about Owner Insite

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Spitfire Project Management System

Spitfire Project Management is a cloud-based solution that helps construction and capital organizations manage projects, documents and images. The solution helps organizations increase collaboration between project participants fr...Read more about Spitfire Project Management System

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ARES PRISM is a construction project management solution suitable for businesses of all sizes. It offers features such as manpower loading, time and payroll reporting, cost management, equipment tracking and field management. ...Read more about ARES PRISM

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In Microsoft 365, VPO offers construction managers and owners a single, secure, customizable collaboration platform for the whole project team. All internal and external participants can work "at" the same cloud-based project offi...Read more about VPO

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Basepin CONNECT is a cloud-based digital data and building information management (BIM) solution that ctaers to buisnesses in the contruction industry. Basepin CONNECT contains a host of features that help contractors, sub-contrac...Read more about Basepin CONNECT

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For over 30 years, CMiC has delivered state-of-the-art software solutions, purpose-built for the construction industry. Since its inception, CMiC has maintained a laser focus on automating essential back-office functions – such as...Read more about CMiC

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CMIS by ECL Software is a cloud-based construction management solution for builders and contractors. The solution can also be deployed on-premise for various industries such as design or build firms, construction managers and prod...Read more about CMIS

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Asite’s Construction Management Software simplifies construction management. Bring all your project information together onto an organized, secure, cloud-base platform. You’ll get instant visibility into your project status. Plu...Read more about Asite

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Fluid Contract Manager

Fluid CM is a cloud-based mobile project and contract management solution designed for construction managers, owners, specialty and general contractors in commercial construction. Primary features include project management, contr...Read more about Fluid Contract Manager

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FACS (Field Automated Communication Systems )

The FACS platform is changing E-Construction by providing your team with software built to meet your exact specifications and needs. Your projects are unique, and your software should be too. At FACS, we meet with each of our clie...Read more about FACS (Field Automated Communication Systems )

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RedTeam Flex

RedTeam is a project management, construction financials and document control solution suited for midsize commercial general contractors. It is a cloud-based application developed by contractors to manage pre-construction, constru...Read more about RedTeam Flex

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Buyers Guide

Last Updated: November 22, 2022

Program and portfolio management software helps building owners and construction managers coordinate their capital projects. These managers are focused on applying a uniform set of standards for project control and building standards (i.e., LEED certification) to a large portfolio of construction projects. Of course, standards and processes may change over time, requiring a flexible system. While detailed task management will often be left to general contractors, building owners and construction managers will want to maintain a single view of progress across all projects using a purpose-built program management system.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

What Is Capital Program & Portfolio Management Software?
What Type of Buyer Are You?
The Vendor Landscape
Market Trends to Understand
Benefits and Potential Issues

What Is Capital Program & Portfolio Management Software?

Capital program management refers to the supervision over the vast amount of information associated with capital construction projects. Distinct from generic project management utilities, this software is geared to meet the needs of building owner/operators and construction managers, rather than contractors, architects or engineers. To that end, it tends to focus less on scheduling and hands-on details, and more on the broad-level overview of the projects and the portfolio cycles.

Capital program management software may include bid management, takeoff or cost estimating capabilities, but more likely it will have some or all of the following critical features to facilitate portfolio management:

  • Document control
  • Tracking multiple projects
  • Reporting
  • Communication between managers and contractors
  • Work order and inventory management
  • Accounting
  • Customer relationship database


What Type of Buyer Are You?

Because there are dozens of different vendors that specialize in program management software, and costs and functionality vary tremendously, it’s important to identify your individual needs in order to narrow the field. One way to do this is to identify yourself as a certain type of buyer based on the functions you’re performing. Most buyers fall into one of these groups:

Before looking at the details of various systems, identify yourself with one of the buyer types outlined below. Most buyers fall into one of these groups:

Full suite. These buyers will be using the software across all levels of their company, from the owner through all the management offices and possibly including the field contractors as well. Because they’re sharing data between multiple different job functions, they need something that’s highly robust and integrates all of the different features a construction company would need.

Building owners. Building owners want quick access for an update on the status of all projects, as well as reporting, and other portfolio management capabilities.

Construction managers. Since construction managers are interfacing directly with contractors, project scheduling becomes more important, as well as the ability to share information between collaborators on a project. The software is also more likely to include features for construction takeoff and estimating.

Office managers and accountants. The accountants and administrators of a construction company, will want a solution that includes inventory, budgeting, payroll and ledger control specifically designed for the construction industry. This is a highly competitive market within the field.

Customer relationship managers. Although CRM typically focuses on the sales and marketing side of customer interfacing, these solutions may also include customer service capabilities, including the ability to accept and process work orders from the customers.

The Vendor Landscape

Although the following list does not include all of the software vendors working in the capital program and portfolio management space, these top-rated programs will be a good fit for the indicated buyers.  

This type of buyer... Should evaluate these systems
Full suite HeadsUp iCPM, Sage Project Lifecycle Management, Maxwell Systems, Paskr Project Management Suite
Building owner HeadsUp iCPM, Sage Project Lifecycle Management, e-Builder, Oracle Primavera, PMWeb, Prolog, VisionPM, EADOC, Aconex, Proliance
Construction manager Maxwell Systems, HeadsUp iCPM, Paskr Project Management Suite, BuilderTREND, Oracle Primavera, BuildTools, Procore, Sage Project Lifecycle Management, PMWeb
Office manager/ accountant JOBPOWER, Microsoft Dynamics, Sage, Budgetrac Real Estate Developer, COINS, SAP CREW All In One, Profitool
Customer relationship manager Contractor's Office, Microsoft Dynamics, Sage SalesLogix, Sales 1440, MSI Service Pro, BlueFolder

Market Trends to Understand

These market trends should be considered as you select a software product and vendor.

Business intelligence. Program management systems do more than simply recording action items and finances. Leveraging the lessons learned over hundreds of projects to standardize the storage, maintenance and distribution of information, leading capital program management software now often provides key insight into the performance of the firm and its projects.

Process automation. Any repetitive and time-consuming processes can often be expedited through automation, leaving the employees to work on more creative endeavors to improve business performance. Examples of potentially automated processes include budgeting, payroll, scheduling, reporting and management of certain kinds of documents.

Software as a service. Almost all construction programs are moving from on-site solutions toward Web-based programs charging a monthly or annual fee rather than a full software purchase or installation cost. This helps amortize the expense over time and eliminates the need for internal staff to manage any technical support, upgrades or updates.

Improved offerings from full-suite vendors. Best-of-breed vendors offer deep feature sets in a specialized area, while integrated suites provide seamless connection among many applications. In the past, buyers have had to choose between one or the other, but in recent years, a number of full-suite vendors are upgrading their software so that they can compete against best-of-breed solutions in specialty functionality areas.

Benefits and Potential Issues

Capital program management software is designed for large companies that manage multiple projects simultaneously. These programs offer a number of benefits:

Better visibility. The biggest benefit of top capital program management software is the ability to see all of the data needed in order to manage the portfolio. Information is easily tracked and kept all in one place so it can be viewed and reported on with minimal effort.

Improved collaboration. Portfolio visibility, as well as scheduling and inventory control, requires managers to consider phases, tasks, resources and labor. This leads to more thoughtful planning and faster project completion by removing bottlenecks and wasted inventory.

Better project management. Compared to an on-site software solution, a Web-based construction management program will be far less expensive in terms of up-front costs. SaaS also eliminates the need for an IT infrastructure to manage upgrades and to get the product up and running when problems arise.

Improved profitability. More effectively scheduling and tracking resources and project status reduces costs on equipment rentals, resource sharing and the time spent to manage projects, which cuts expenses, increases time available for sales activities and overall increasing profits.